YouKuai launched Seven Chef Line Zrou Plant-based RTH Products with five Chinese celebrity chefs, including Jereme Leung

SHANGHAI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Zrou, the plant-based protein brand of YouKuai Group, has launched a series of seven Chef Line ready-to-heat products created by five Chinese celebrity chefs, including Jereme Leung. The seven products are all made with the base product Zrou vegetable protein and cover dumplings, buns, Lu Rou rice, Beijing Zha Jiang noodles and Singaporean curry meatballs. By collaborating with five celebrity chefs, including Jereme Leung, Dong Li, Chunfeng Lu, Hu Zhang and Anthony Zhao, Zrou is taking another step to lead the way in plant-based food innovation, aiming to become a healthy new choice for the young Chinese generation. All products are available to consumers through Zrou’s brand e-commerce channels, including Zrou’s official WeChat store, JD store and Douyin store, as well as middle to high-end offline supermarkets in nationwide, including Da’ning Jiuguang FreshMart, City Super, Takashimaya, MUJI, Apita and Apio in Shanghai, 10 Ito-Yokado stores in Sichuan.

Under China’s main strategic goal of achieving carbon peak by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, it has become an inevitable trend for all age groups to pay more attention to a healthy diet. YouKuai sees product innovation as the critical path to low-carbon development and hopes to play a leadership role in the food industry in this global green revolution towards adopting plant-based diets. Franklin Yao, Founder and CEO of YouKuai, said, “We want to build a world worthy of inheritance for our next generations, one that is not only sustainable, but also caring, creative and inspiring. That’s why YouKuai has always seen food innovation as the link between plant-based foods, celebrity chefs, consumers, and convenient, great-tasting foods. »

Chef Line products are a full line of delicious, healthier, low-carbon foods, all made with plant-based ingredients. The entire production process was in accordance with the recipes of the respective chefs. Chunfeng Lu, renowned chef from Shanghai, created the Zrou Southern Style Dumplings with a mixture of mushrooms and the Zrou Southern Style Buns with a mixture of vegetables; Hu Zhang, Beijing’s master pastry chef, created Zrou Northern Style Dumplings with Pak Choi and Zrou Northern Style Buns with Shiitake and Bean Sprouts; Star chef Dong Li created Zrou Old Beijng Zha Jiang noodles; popular chef and food blogger from Shanghai; Anthony Zhao created Shanghai Braised Zrou Rice; Internationally acclaimed Chinese chef Jereme Leung has brought his creation of Southeast Asian delicacy to Singapore Curry Rice with Zrou Meatballs.

It should be noted that the chef line series is also the first product launched by the YouKuai Innovation Lab, led by co-founder and celebrity chef David Laris, consisting of an R&D team, a culinary team and a chief consultants. “Taste is the key to making plant-based foods more accessible to consumers,” said David Laris, “We are leading the way in plant-based food by bringing chefs from behind the scenes to the front, creating original recipes with our R&D team, and be personally involved in the development and production process.Our intention is to drive the chef’s dedication to excellence to ensure a great first plant-based protein experience for consumers.

The chef line products meet the dietary requirements of young people looking for “convenient and delicious”, allowing consumers to easily enjoy the works of chefs at home and reinventing the concept of convenient frozen food, providing consumers with a low-fat meal. bold, practical and great fun. .

About YouKuai Group International

Founded in 2019, YouKuai Group International (“YouKuai”) aims to create a holistic plant-based food and beverage ecosystem in China and reshape the global plant-based cuisine landscape, starting with Chinese consumers. at local and regional levels. The company’s goal is to create a world worthy of inheritance for future generations through protein diversification, and its mission is to empower consumers around the world to make the “gooder” (based on of plants) for a dignified world, by creating tasty foods with a “More Good” Version in all food categories currently using animal proteins, and by creating charismatic brands to appeal to more intergenerational consumers. YouKuai partners with scientists and chefs to develop tasty, healthy and sustainable products with creative presentations. With other brands to come, YouKuai’s current portfolio includes plant-based protein brand Zrou with multiple product lines, and sustainable lifestyle content media brand OwnWhatYouEat. YouKuai is proud to build an active, influential, and loyal community of enthusiasts and early adopters that would accelerate the adoption of plant-based eating into mainstream consumption. YouKuai Group is a proud supporter of SDGs 3 (good health and well-being), 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 15 (life on land). In July 2021, YouKuai was recognized by the United Nations Food Systems Summit as one of the top 50 small businesses providing “good food for all”.

About Zrou

YouKuai’s first brand and product, Zrou, which takes the form of herbal minced pork, has become a well-recognized vegetable protein brand in China. Zrou sources all of its ingredients from China, including non-GMO soy in the northeast, and is made in China. Zrou offers an alternative for people who want to eat less meat, but still want to enjoy the dishes they grew up on and crave. Zrou prides itself on being a local brand and is well positioned to address two major challenges of popularizing alternative proteins in China: taste and market education.

Zrou website:

Zrou Official WeChat Account (ID:ZrouFood)

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