Which part of Chicago should you visit? A neighborhood guide

Chicago is one of America’s leading promoters of domestic tourism, thanks to its central location. Popularly known as the second city, Chicago paints the picture of weed grace and return to grace history. At the start of the 19th century, Chicago was a vibrant city that would later be reduced to ashes. The journey of rebuilding this magnificent city is something vacationers have to see to believe.

With most neighborhoods reorganized after the mid-19th century, the buildings here are relatively new. The unique architecture used in each neighborhood makes it difficult for tourists to settle for just one.


Why You Should Visit Chicago

Chicago is home to everything an average vacationer would dream of, including bold architecture, skyscrapers, iconic landmarks, and cultural attractions. Plus, there are plenty of places to eat tasty food. Best of all, it’s a walkable city with major roads and highways designed to incorporate pedestrian paths. These marked trails allow vacationers to easily stroll through the different neighborhoods while admiring them and taking photos.

From the architectural cruise on the Chicago River to the city’s multiple skyscrapers, vacationers find it hard to settle for just one neighborhood suited to their needs. Beginners aside, even locals can’t seem to get enough of Chicago’s elegance.

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The different neighborhoods where vacationers settle will depend on the type of activity that brought them to Chicago. Those interested in water sports will be content with places close to the coast. Contemporary art lovers will favor neighborhoods close to the city center, etc. In short, there’s a neighborhood to suit virtually every Chicago vacationer’s interests.

Best neighborhoods for beginners in Chicago

Here are the best Chicago neighborhoods to consider.

The loop

At the top of the list of great neighborhoods to consider in Chicago is the Loop. This is by far the most popular part of town. In other major cities, areas around the city center are not popular with tourists. However, Chicago is built differently. The Loop continues to dominate the charts of Chicago’s best neighborhoods despite its central location.

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Being largely a business hub, vacationers shouldn’t expect to find so many restaurants in this part of Chicago. However, the ones set up here are worth every effort. The advantage of operating from the city center is that it becomes easy for vacationers to connect to other neighborhoods without hassle.


Chicago is never just for high-end travelers. Budget holidaymakers also have an equal chance. Streeterville is the perfect place for first-timers looking for free things to do in Chicago. This neighborhood is no less than others in Chicago. In fact, it enjoys a strategic position between legendary Lake Michigan and Mag Mile.

The highlight of this neighborhood is Navy Pier, a bustling entertainment hub in the city with everything the average vacationer would need. From lively rides to thrilling games, Navy Pier makes Streeterville more than just a budget neighborhood. The hub is also home to several restaurants serving a wide range of delicacies.

Golden Coast

Chicago is one of the few major cities in America that can be inhabited by people of various social classes. This time around, it’s the mighty Gold Coast region that does the magic. Gold Coast is a relatively new city that breathed new life after the infamous Chicago fire in the 19th century. Since then, the city has erected stunning structures that have continued to attract multiple luxury brands.

The Gold Coast is by far one of Chicago’s hottest neighborhoods when luxury consumer issues are at stake. It’s an upscale neighborhood lined with the latest mansions and skyscrapers. Vacationers who travel for luxury shopping will enjoy being in this area. The vibrant nightlife of this neighborhood also offers vacationers the best opportunity to party in Chicago.

Hyde Park

Every neighborhood in Chicago has its unique experience. Located on the city’s south side of Hyde Park, a bustling area known for its obsession with art and culture. It’s the best place to explore the true roots of Chicago while embracing some modernity.

Hyde Park is a reserve for vacationers who have no problem with a bit of a crowd. With so many institutions in the neighborhood, including the famous University of Chicago, the streets around Hyde Park are always bustling. The region has several restaurants where vacationers will have a good time tasting a wide variety of world cuisines.

West Loop

People travel to Chicago for different reasons. Some come for the city’s thrilling nightlife, some for the culture and some for the food. Yes, foodies also have a great time in this wonderful city. From Chicago-style hot dogs to deep-dish pizza, the dining options for foodies are plentiful.

The streets around the West Loop are lined with several restaurants. Whether it’s the local dishes or the very pronounced Asian cuisine, foodies have every reason to be here in Chicago.

Knowing where not to stay while vacationing in Chicago is as important as knowing where to stay. Hyde Park exempt, the South Side neighborhoods are a no go zone due to the area’s high crime rate. Vacationers are free to explore other places, have a good time and create lasting memories.

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