Where to Order Frog Legs in Colorado

Have you ever eaten the delicacy known as frog legs? I have and thought they were quite tasty. Of course, you have to get over the fact that you’re eating an amphibian, but once you do, they might become a favorite.

Photo by Karl-Heinz Müller on Unsplash

Photo by Karl-Heinz Müller on Unsplash

I found that few places offer frog legs on their menu. However, there are places in Colorado where you can get your frog leg fix.

Frog legs. A French and Chinese delicacy

According to Wikipedia, frog legs are held in high culinary esteem in French and Chinese cuisine. After living in the south for a few years, I know the southern states love their frog legs too.

Not all frogs are edible

Some species of frogs are poisonous, you definitely wouldn’t want to eat one. Wikipedia lists the common water frog (green frog) and a few species of European frogs as edible.

Where to Find Frog Legs in Colorado

The list isn’t long as it seems to be a rare item on the Colorado menu. Here are a few restaurants in Colorado where I’ve confirmed frog legs are on the menu:

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Photo by Dulcey Lima on Unsplash

Maya Cove, located at 2100 West Drake Road in Fort Collins, offers frog legs on its entree menu. Maya Cove Frog Legs are breaded and fried. Cut with celery, carrots and horseradish cream for $13.99.

Saigon Dragon Asain Cuisine located at 2055 West 136th Avenue in Broomfield offers its chef’s specialty frog leg tempura with your choice of steamed or fried rice for $18.95.

Cora Faye’s Cafe located at 15395 East Colfax Avenue in Aurora offers its Southern-style frog legs. Two sets of frog legs, two sides and a bun for $14.99

Saigon Basil is located at 10665 Melody Drive in Northglenn. Saigon Basil has not only one but two fog leg entrances. Le Ech Xao Xa Ot: Fried frog legs with lemongrass and yellow onion in a spicy sauce for $15.95. Ech Ram Toi Bo: crispy pepper frog legs sautéed with butter and garlic for $15.95.

The Asian Cajun is located at 2400 West Alameda Avenue in Denver. Asian Cajun offers Fried Frog Legs as a starter on their menu for $10.95

New Saigon Restaurant is located at 630 South Federal Boulevard in Denver. New Saigon offers an extensive menu when it comes to frog legs with a total of six starters. Whether it’s spicy or topped with peanuts, there’s a dish of frog legs for every palate. Entries range from $19.954 to $24.95.

Next time you’ll feel like a frog when it comes to trying something new. Might as well jump on the legs of frogs. The experience alone is worth the taste.

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