UPDATE: Authorities find that the Isaan cult is also selling food and snacks online

Following the report of the raid on the cult’s hidden compound in Isaan Chaiyaphum province last week, authorities visited the fortune for the second time and found they were also operating a semi-commercial food business to earn a living. .

The “cult” distributes food products like chili paste, fermented fish, and snacks, but without registration with the Food and Drug Administration, and some of the products had poor sanitation standards, and some of the food was full of maggots and flies. Hmmm.

Last week, Thai police, residents and media raided a cult temple in Chaiyaphum where 78-year-old cult leader Tawee Nanla or ‘Joseph’ tricked followers into believing in his magical ‘powers’ and consuming his bodily wastes. Followers were willing to consume the leader’s feces, urine, skin flakes, saliva, and even cigarette butts, and they also used human lymph to monitor their faces.

In addition to consuming hazardous waste, 11 unidentified corpses were also found inside the compound. Authorities have since identified each corpse and returned it to the families.

Then on Tuesday, Provincial Deputy Governor Charnchai Soornsiwichai and provincial public health officials from Chaiyaphum revisited the cult temple. They found various illegal items, like the remains of endangered animals and valuable illegal wood. Apart from this, the authorities also spotted their food preparation areas in 5 houses in the compound. Health officials told Thai media that “all food production was below standard, and the FDA did not approve it.”

Images of the cult’s food products, branded as แซ่บหลาย (Zaap Lai, which means very delicious), are circulating online. Many patrons who discovered they had purchased and consumed some of the cult’s food items said they were “on the verge of throwing up” after learning about some of the practices going on inside the cult. ‘pregnant.

After the first raid last week, the cult leader was charged and taken to the police station, but relatives released him on bail. Today Thai media reported that the leader and his followers were heading to Pha Nok Khao in Isaan Loei province to set up a new temple and re-establish their food businesses. The report also adds that the governor of Loei province has already ordered relevant authorities to closely track and monitor the behavior of the sect. Authorities say they will be charged again if “annoying or unlawful” is reported.

THE SOURCE: Khaosod | Kapook

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