Tropical Thai Chicken Wrap | Characteristics

Creator of taste
By Lynda Wheatley | January 1, 2022

There was a time when we dreamed of a fast food restaurant with efficient drive-thru that sold real food, healthy and tasty; no pink slime. Our dream came true several years ago when two Tropical Smoothie Cafés came to Traverse City. And you know what? For years, we have gone nose-up. We would make our own healthy and tasty food at home, we thought. We didn’t need an Up North stinky smoothie franchise! Then we had kids, put on lots of pounds, lost even more free time and finally – a random night between school and work and swimming lessons – we squeaked our minivan tires in a Tropical drive-thru. And you know what? Our dinner by the dome light was good. The fries are not good. Chocolate milkshake is not good. But true, healthy, tasty, and good enough to satisfy an exhausted parent and two picky kids. Our favorite is the Thai Chicken Wrap, with carrots, wontons, sesame seeds and romaine lettuce, grilled chicken and a tangy Thai peanut vinaigrette. If you are making 2022 the year you eat better, consider making this place your go-to drive-thru when you are short on time or willpower. Find a location near you on

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