Too spicy to handle? Thai restaurant has finished paying off if you can’t ‘stomach’


The Fargo, North Dakota restaurant has strict signage installed on all of its booths for its customers. (Image: Twitter / Jason Wittenberg)

User Jason Wittenberg’s viral tweet upset the popular stereotype that Westerners can’t handle spicy food, be it Indian or Thai cuisine.

  • Last update:03 October 2021, 17:13 IST

Traditional Thai cuisine has always been known to come with proper spice level warnings for the unassuming gormandizer, but a recent photo of a restaurant in the United States has gone viral after owners issued an ultimatum for those who can’t seem to keep the spices in the food. The restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota has put up a sign on all of its stands that says it very strictly, “We will no longer issue refunds when you order your spicy food and you can’t handle it.”

Now this particular tweet, which garnered thousands of hilarious likes and comments, has shaken the popular stereotype that Westerners are not yet able to handle spicy food. Twitter has shared its thoughts on the matter, and some agreed while others denied the idea. Overall, Twitter couldn’t “stay down” with the Thai spice.

Check out some of the hilarious comments:

And some Westerners seemed to prove that the stereotype was correct after all!

Well, all we can wish for is that everyone finds their own “spice level” for their favorite Thai food and restaurants don’t need to issue such a warning.

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