TITTL SHOWCASE: Blue Table Thai cuisine | Bakersfield life

Bakersfield certainly loves its Thai cuisine and we are fortunate to enjoy the success of current restaurants as well as new ones like Blue Table.

Opened last summer, this small family restaurant offers a refined gastronomic experience.

Pete Tittl recommends shrimp lovers consider tamarind shrimp, one of Blue Table’s signature dishes.

He writes of the dish: “The prawns were mind blowing. There was a platter of a dozen large perfectly fresh and crispy shellfish, with roasted chili peppers, a tamarind sauce that wasn’t too hot or too sweet, and crispy pieces of onion.

“I’m telling you, if you like shrimp, this is a must order. I prefer grilled than fried, but they were so crispy on the outside and so firm and sweet on the inside that I would put them on my list. must-have orders at Blue Tableau.”

And although he often didn’t leave room for dessert in restaurants, he knew not to make that mistake here.

“Dessert was perfect, and we’re at the point where all Thai meals have to be closed with sweet sticky rice and mango, probably because the coconut milk and sugar in the rice is so much better than the rice in the rice. conventional milk and the mango here was exceptionally fresh.We held back from finishing all the other foods to make sure we had room for it, and it was a wise move.

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