Tillerman is the sophisticated new seafood restaurant in town from the Naga Thai crew

When CBD’s Naga Thai closed due to the forced closure of the entire Eagle Street Pier area, owners Andrew and Jaimee Baturo and head chef Suwisa Phoonsang didn’t have time to twiddle their thumbs – they already had plans for a brand new venue in the works. . Less than two months later, their latest project is now ready to be unveiled, with Tillerman opening with a bang in the CBD.

A glamorous riverside eatery where seafood takes center stage, Tillerman calls Riparian Plaza home, just a building above where Naga Thai once wowed diners. Location is the one thing the two venues have in common, however, like where Naga Thai was all about vibrant neon interiors and punchy Thai flavors, Tillerman is a laid-back yet sophisticated love letter to spectacular produce, to Queensland’s climate and water views.

Of course, with Andrew Baturo – who is also behind Brisbane’s Libertine, Popolo, Walter’s Steakhouse and The Grasham – at the helm, you know it has to be a stunner, and Tillerman definitely ticks the eye candy box. Designed by Hogg & Lamb, the venue offers a mix of banquet, booth and round table seating, with rattan chairs, botanical cushions and mustard yellow leather benches. Ceilings are covered almost entirely in speckled gumwood, while the bar is lit by illuminated spherical glasses lined with wine bottles. Best of all, you can catch a glimpse of the river view from every seat in the house.

a plate of octopus carpaccio

What’s on the plate is equally aesthetically pleasing, with a menu influenced everywhere from the Spanish coast to modern Australia. Don’t expect your typical seafood restaurant here – instead, you’ll feast on King Ora salmon jerky, cobia crudo with fish crackers, and salt-baked Murray cod.

It’s not just seafood, many other Australian products are featured too, from Aylesbury duck fritters and Brisbane Valley BBQ quail with sofrito and lemon confit to Fremantle octopus carpaccio and with Glencoe pork ribs with black rum and candied cherry tomatoes.

a cocktail on a table

As for knowing what to accompany your meal, the cocktail menu certainly has a few surprises in store, including a section entirely dedicated to daiquiris. These aren’t the cheap frozen daiquiris of the early 20s, this selection is much more grown up, including concoctions like the watermelon, cucumber and sage daiquiri with white rum, mashed watermelon, cucumber and sage, lime juice and sugar syrup. There’s a long list of other creative sips to choose from if the daiquiris bring back too many pent-up memories, including several zero-proof cocktails, as well as forty pages of wines, beers and spirits. In addition to the daiquiris, Tillerman is also determined to put sherry in the spotlight, with a carefully curated selection that promises to give you “thrills”.

If we had you at the “glamorous riverside restaurant,” Tillerman is open and taking reservations for date nights, leisurely Friday lunches, and group meals now. Get all the details you need here.

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