TikToker goes viral for videos of puny Asian restaurant names

A Vietnamese TikToker recently went viral for highlighting the humor of some Asian restaurant names.

“Punny” expressions: In his videos, the TikTok user going through the handle @chungdo imitates a Vietnamese accent while expressing various names of Asian restaurants.

  • His first viral video, which went live on December 12, has received nearly 900,000 views at the time of writing. It presents photos of Phở restaurants with “smart” names and turns them into situational expressions.

  • “One of my favorite things about being Vietnamese or Asian in general is how smart we are when it comes to naming our restaurants,” he says at the start of the story. the video.

  • He then lists a few restaurants using a fake Vietnamese accent. For example, he uses the name of the restaurant “What the Phở” as the equivalent of the sentence “What the f * ck? Saying, “Sometimes my daughter makes me say ‘What is Phở? ”

  • “Do you want me to pick up the baby poop?” “Phuởc Dat”, he joked with a supermarket named “Phuởc Dat”.

  • His second video pun expressions, which was uploaded on Dec. 15, features different Asian food restaurants. Pointing to a Chinese restaurant named Soon Fatt, he joked, “My wife tells me that I have to stop eating so much food because I will be ‘Soon Fatt’.”

  • Many viewers reveled in his TikTok videos. Others have also shared similar Asian restaurants with pun names. One user commented, “We have a Phở place here called unPhởgettable 😂. “

  • Another user said: “My uncle’s restaurant is called ‘Friend or Phở’ 😂😂😂.”

Featured images via @choungdo (to the left, to the right)

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