This week’s meetings | North West

Location: Courthouse Annex, 095 Second St., Asotin, or online through the county website.

Karst Riggers, Building Officials, Asotin County-Columbia County Interlocal Agreement Regarding Periodic Update of Main Shoreline Program.

Glenn Scharnhorst, Road Supervisor, JJ Farms Borrow Pit Agreement.

Ted Sharpe, Project Manager, leaving the right-of-way for Brisley Road.

Commissioner’s district changes based on last census – action to be taken.

Adoption of the updated personnel policy – action.

Changing from an independent contractor for a profession or consulting services, Dr Black – action to take.

Nez Percé County Commission

Location: Brammer Building, 1225 Idaho St.

Meeting with Planning and Building to discuss the transition to a new planner, solar inspection follow-up and other administrative matters.

Other committee meetings at the Brammer building

Consider appointing Joanie Wittman to the Nez Perce County Fair Board of Directors – action to take.

Consider the disposal of surplus assets – action to be taken.

Consider multiple applications for retail alcoholic beverage licenses – action to take.

Consider approving the acquisition of the right-of-way for Webb Road Phase Two – Action Item.

Consider appointing elected officials and staff to manage reporting for state and local county budget relief funds – action to be taken.

Location: Municipal Library, 411 D St.

Introducing Beautiful Downtown Lewiston’s 2022 work plan.

Consider a new personnel policy for city employees – action to be taken.

Consider the Lewiston Rotary Club’s request to change the name from Demolay Park to Rotary Peace Park – point of action.

Consider Potlatch No. 1 Federal Credit Union’s request to name the baseball field at Hereth Park P1FCU Field in Hereth Park when installing and completing a synthetic surface – action item.

Consider a local professional services agreement for the final design of the first phase of the Bryden Avenue reconstruction project with the Idaho Transportation Department and David Evans and Associates Inc. – action to be taken.

Consider a local professional services agreement with Horrocks Engineers to study the scope of downtown infrastructure – action to be taken.

Considering the use of $ 30,000 from the council’s contingency fund for legal fees – follow-up action.

Consider the Second Amendment to the Prosecution Services Agreement with Nez Perce County – Action Point.

Considering the approval of the community strategic plan – point of action.

Update on the Emperor of India’s former King Thai restaurant – action.

Consider purchasing the former Twin City Foods property – action to be taken.

Second and Third Readings of Small Lot or Null Lot Line Development Orders, and Exit Windows Exit from the Normal Hill Heritage Coverage Area – action to be taken.

Consider the appointments of Kevin Kelly and Babe Iacoboni to the Planning and Zoning Commission – steps to take.

Executive meeting to consider an employment issue and pending litigation – action to be taken.

Action point concerning the city manager contract.

Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Board of Directors

Location: Airport Administration Building, Conference Hall, 3632 Stearman St., Lewiston.

Acquisition of property – item of discussion.

Approve the assignment of lease from Young Ideas to PKE – action item.

Approve the sublet of PKE to Gary Peters – action item.

Approve the framework agreement of TO engineers – action item.

Approve revisions to the Employee Policy Manual – Action Item.

Approve the granting of AIP 50 ARPA concessions – action.

Nez Perce County Planning and Zoning Commission

Location: Brammer Building, 1225 Idaho St.

Public hearing to review compliance with Howell Machine’s conditional use permit at 4093 Lucky Lane.

Election of officers – follow-up point.

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