Thieves steal food truck from North Fondren business owner who built the truck to deal with his mother’s death

JACKSON, Mississippi (WLBT) – A number of businesses located near Meadowbrook Road in Jackson have recently been robbed.

Soul Wired Café owner Stacey Winters said she saw businesses move elsewhere because of the crime.

When Winters got her stimulus check last summer, she put it all into building a food truck. But last week, her vegan pop-up became the last in the North Fondren area to be hit by thieves when her food truck was stolen.

“I went to ask my friend to weld the frame and literally built this food truck out of junk, Winters said. “There was century-old pewter on an old house in Ethel where I come from.”

Winters said she used the project as a coping mechanism after her mother died from stage four lung cancer.

“After being a caregiver for three years, all of a sudden I didn’t have anyone to look after,” she said. “I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I built this to really heal myself and to give myself something to clear my mind.”

She was hoping to use the truck as an additional source of income, but after spending over a month building it, she never even got a chance to use it.

“They don’t understand that I built this with my hands,” Winters said. “I discarded wood to make it, and it was made without hurting anyone.”

Winters said four or five other business owners in the area also recently robbed their stores.

“Catalytic converters, trailers, different things were stolen,” she said. “It’s almost like people are trying to chase us away.”

The owner of Glass Plus declined to speak on camera, but shared surveillance photos from when his business was robbed three years ago.

He said on the phone that the Jackson Police Department came by when it first happened, but never acted on.

“What I would like to see is a greater police presence here in this region because I think no one is paying attention to the problem that is going on,” she said. “It affects not only my business, but other businesses besides me. “

As Winters sees the city of Jackson battling crime, she said it is businesses like hers that could help revive some areas of the city.

That’s why she said she had no intention of leaving.

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