The duo behind the Hereford food company were born in the garden

TWO men from Hereford have officially opened their new catering business.

Daryl Richardson and Adam Pritchard, who live in the Hinton area of ​​the city, opened Smokemasters, a bespoke catering service offering premium smoked barbecue meats for weddings and corporate events.

What started as a foreclosure idea in the back garden of Mr Richardson’s home in Hinton, has now grown into a business in its own right.

Using their artisanal smokehouse that they have been preparing for a few months, the duo will produce bespoke meat dishes for customers and gastronomic events.


Mr Richardson said: “We came up with the idea as a hobby to get us through lockdown in 2020.

“It started when we brought in our own smokehouse and then we thought we could make an even better one and the idea really snowballed from there.”

“Adam hand built the current smokehouse in the back garden, we thought, what if we hitch it to a trailer and make it mobile so we can host events and Smokemasters is born.”

They’ve had the full rig for a few weeks now and have been inundated with requests.

Mr Richardson said: “Requests have been pouring in since we set up our Instagram account and people are getting an idea of ​​what we can offer.”

The first big food event for new companies is approaching this month.

The duo will join the autumn market at La Forge on Sunday, September 18.

It will join dozens of other smaller independent outlets to showcase its wares at the event venue, near the Wye Inn in Holme Lacy Road.

Mr Richardson said: ‘We’ve done all the prep work, now we just have to go out and cook for some people.’

The Smokemasters hope that from small beginnings they can grow into something unique and popular.

Mr Richardson said: “A lot of people have opened barbecue-type outlets, but there aren’t a lot of people smoking.

“There are lots of great food businesses in Herefordshire that have started with small ideas and I hope we can do the same.”

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