The cutest ice cream shop is in Camden, Maine

Whether you visit Maine as a loyal tourist or are a born-and-bred local, you know that a must-see destination is Camden. The adorable, quaint, and historic coastal town offers beautiful water views, adorable local businesses, and rich history in a scenic area that feels like miniature Portland.

I hadn’t been to Camden in years but spent the weekend in Rockland for a local band show on the water so I had to refresh my memory and take in all that that the beautiful nearby town of Camden has to offer.

One of the offerings in town is one of the most valuable ice cream shops I have ever seen.

River Duck Ice Cream in Camden, Maine

Camden is one of those places where you go without a definite plan and just wander around taking in the scenery. With no destination in mind, my partner and I window-shopped, grabbed coffee at a local store, and oohed and ahhed at the many art galleries.

We walked around, stopping every three minutes for me to take a photo, we turned the corner and I gasped at the beautiful river and the bright pink shop in front of me.

I had noticed that as we got closer to the river, we saw more and more people licking slushy ice cream cones and sitting on benches with their bowls of soft serve ice cream. That’s when we saw the River Ducks Ice Cream store and I couldn’t blame everyone for wanting to stop for a cone.

The shop is right by the river with outdoor seating so you can enjoy the view with your pleasure. Crossing the miniature bridge was beautiful and one of the many quirky and cute parts of the city.

If you’re planning on spending some time in Camden, I recommend stopping by this shop, cooling off by the river, taking a selfie with the bright pink and green little house, and enjoying one of the many unique places in the picturesque coastal town. .

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