Thailand talks to private investors to boost trade

Shillong: A joint delegation of representatives of the Thai government and the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), held an interactive session with private investors in Shillong on Wednesday.

The discussion focused on bilateral trade opportunities between the two countries with a particular focus on the northeastern region.

Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong, said Thailand is looking forward to establishing a tourism, fishing and food processing company with Meghalaya.

Thailand’s Ambassador to India, Pattarat Hongtong during the meeting with private investors

Hongtong in talks with private investors said Thailand wants to strengthen its relationship with northeastern states, including Meghalaya.

The planned partnership with the northeastern states and Thailand could not be continued due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she said, adding that there is a huge opportunity for Thailand and the northeastern states to work for the prosperity of the region. She also stressed the need to develop connectivity between the NE and Thailand to enhance trade and commerce.

Participants inquired about the sectors and resources in which to invest. They said there was no direct connectivity with seaports and expressed the need to strengthen tourism links with Thailand.

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