Thai cuisine is what Kiwis lack the most, according to a survey. Iconic Auckland Eats nominations extended


Thai vegan offerings from Khu Khu. A survey of 200 people found that Thai take-out was what the Kiwis most lacked during the lockdown. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

Thai take-out tops the list of what Aucklanders dream of in lockdown, beating Indian and fried chicken, according to a survey by convenience food company FED.

More than one in five respondents in 200, or 21%, chose Southeast Asian cuisine as the one they frequent most, closely followed by Indian (18%) and fried chicken ( 12%).

Meanwhile, Aucklanders now have two more weeks to offer a much-loved dish from their favorite Auckland cafe, restaurant, food truck or farmer’s market for the iconic Auckland Eats 2021.

Chef Joe's Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang, a Malaysian-style rice and curry dish served at a Panmure restaurant, is nominated for this year's iconic Auckland Eats.  Photo / Sylvie Whinray
Chef Joe’s Nasi Kandar Pulau Pinang, a Malaysian-style rice and curry dish served at a Panmure restaurant, is nominated for this year’s iconic Auckland Eats. Photo / Sylvie Whinray

With the city’s Level 4 lockdown being extended for another two weeks, Auckland Unlimited organizers are also moving the nominations closing date to 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 14.

“We all dream of our favorite dishes, so I encourage all Aucklanders who love food to skip online and submit a dish for the 2021 Auckland Iconic Dishes list on,” Annie said. Dundas, program manager at Auckland Unlimited. .

“While you’re at it, check out all the amazing stories from Iconic Eats 2020 and make sure to place an order or reserve a table as soon as you can. Our hotel businesses are doing really hard right now, and these are two ways we can support them all. “

The FED has launched "false" offering a box with three Thai dishes this week to help Aucklanders take out cravings.  Photo / Supplied
The FED this week launched “fakeaways” featuring a box of three Thai dishes to meet Aucklanders’ take-out cravings. Photo / Supplied

In addition to extending nominations by two weeks, Dundas said the announcement of the 2021 Iconic Auckland Eats roster will also be postponed until later this year.

This will allow time to confirm and then photograph all the dishes, which can only happen when the city drops to alert levels 1 or 2.

Organizers told the Herald they had already received more than 800 nominations, about double the number last year.

Nominations are open for Aucklanders to share their culinary stories and nominate their favorite food for the 2021 Iconic Auckland Eats list.

Azabu's volcanic sushi made it to the Iconic Auckland Eats 2020 list. Photo / Supplied
Azabu’s volcanic sushi made it to the Iconic Auckland Eats 2020 list. Photo / Supplied

The first Iconic Auckland Eats list was released last year. Nominations have been received for dishes that can be found in fine dining establishments, cheap and gay cafes, food trucks, markets and hole-in-the-wall deals.

The dishes that made the final cut of 100 range from highly regarded classics to those reflecting the region’s ethnic diversity to create the ultimate list of culinary dishes that can only be tasted in Auckland.

Dundas said the list was a special dining guide that helped tell Auckland’s unique culinary history that goes beyond just delicious food.

“What makes this list unique are the incredible stories submitted with each dish that showcase the diversity of Auckland’s food scene – the talented people, the places, the cultures, the experiences, the flavors,” a- she declared.

A lucky foodie who submits their story will be declared the winner of the Iconic Auckland Eats 2021 and will win a coupon book with the 100 Iconic Eats to be tasted over the coming year.

The FED has launched ‘fakeaways’ featuring a range of internationally themed takeout boxes, with this week’s special featuring three Thai dishes.

Designed by chef Beckie Pillay, the Ready-to-Heat & Eat Packs aim to help Kiwis satisfy their take-out cravings.

“Take-out is more popular than ever, so with restaurants closed in Auckland, we wanted to give people a taste of what they were missing until our beloved restaurants can reopen,” said Pillay.


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