Teens in The Times: April 2021

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Howard Students Protest Classics Department Cup, Hub for Black Scholarship

The Howard University board approved the decision to drop the program, the only such department at a historically black university.

A high school, five students shot dead

Five students at a high school in Knoxville, Tenn., Were killed in gun violence this year, plunging young people in a community into a whirlwind of trauma.

Why students connect to the classroom 7,000 miles away

Students join distance learning courses from outside the country. In a New Jersey school district, computers were located in 24 countries in one day last month.

For many students, the pandemic life is disappointing. For others, it is a financial crisis.

As campuses struggle under the shadow of the pandemic, many students report struggling to pay for food, accommodation and other basic needs.

Italy’s school dropout problem goes from bad to worse

Even before the pandemic, Italy had one of the worst dropout rates in Europe. But closed schools and online classes have pushed students in greater numbers.

Online schools are here to stay, even after the pandemic

Some families have come to prefer stand-alone virtual schools, and districts are rushing to accommodate them – although questions about distance learning persist.

100 U.S. colleges will require vaccinations to attend in-person classes in the fall.

Private colleges make up the bulk of schools with vaccination mandates, but some public universities have also decided to require vaccines, according to a New York Times survey.

Only 8 black students are admitted to Stuyvesant high school

Once again, a small number of black and Latino students have received offers to attend elite public high schools in New York City.

School district investigates ‘obnoxious’ image of George Floyd posted by student

A football player posted the image, which superimposed the logos of two Virginia high schools on the faces of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd, to celebrate his team’s victory, according to the district superintendent.


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