Super-fast online grocer Getir partners with Copia to reduce food waste

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In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of food waste, super-fast grocery delivery provider Getir said it has partnered with Copia, a tech company that connects food donations to local nonprofits. in need.

Through this partnership, surplus food and groceries from Getir stores will be delivered to selected non-profit organizations in its regions of operation: New York, Chicago and Boston. The relationship, Getir said, reinforces his mission to give back to local communities in the United States, create a seamless solution for donating surplus food, and help alleviate hunger.

“Top to bottom, the Getir team is thrilled to help divert some of the 108 billion pounds of food a year that otherwise gets left in environmentally toxic landfills,” said Langston Dugger, chief of operations of Getir. “Working with Copia is a perfect way for Getir to further strengthen our environmental mission while adding positive food benefits to local citizens.”

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Using Copia’s fully automated system, Getir is able to schedule food pick-up times, organize food to be donated, stay compliant with local authorities and manage tax benefits. And since launching with Copia in March, Getir said it has donated 7,485 pounds of edible food, delivered 6,238 meals to local nonprofits, saved 741,000 gallons of water and diverted 33.5,000 pounds. of CO2 emissions.

At the end of 2021, Getir, based in Istanbul, Turkey, which operates in all 81 cities of Turkey as well as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal, launched its US operations in Chicago, with plans to continue expanding into the US over the coming year. It offers around 2,000 everyday items via its “grocery store in minutes” delivery offer.

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