Starbucks baristas want you to stop asking to mix food into drinks

  • Starbucks baristas are allowed to mix fruit in drinks, but not other foods.
  • Still, baristas say some patrons ask for cakes, pastries or egg bites to be mixed into drinks.
  • One said she even asked to be asked to add protein shakes to drinks.

If you ask your Starbucks barista to mix a cake pop, brownie, or cookie in your drink, chances are they’ll say no.

It is against company policy for baristas to mix food into Starbucks beverages such as Frappuccinos. But that hasn’t stopped customers from trying.

“People have asked me for mixed foods,” Alexis Rivera, a former shift manager at Starbucks in New Jersey, told Insider. “We don’t do that.”

A Starbucks representative said baristas “can handcraft mixed drinks using ingredients available in Starbucks stores, including sauces, syrups, espresso, coffee and tea, Evolution Fresh juice, bananas and blueberries “.

“In-store food items (including baked goods and egg bites) are not approved additions to mixed drinks at Starbucks,” the rep added.

However, many former baristas told Insider they had received requests – which they said they turned down – for food to be mixed with drinks. This included cakes, cakes, Danish pastries, cookies and brownies.

Rivera said some customers brought their own food or protein shakes and requested that they be mixed.

Baristas said this only happens with in-store customers because adding food to drinks was not listed as a change on the Starbucks app.

Speaking of in-store orders, Rivera said “technically, if you can’t charge it in the drink, it’s not something that can be done.”

But she said some customers would look for a workaround: “If you also ask for these items, you buy them separately, like a Frappuccino, but ask, ‘Hey, can you mix them up for me? Some places do it, some don’t. “

“Crafting things like that during rushes where you don’t even have enough people to go to the back and clean them properly, that’s probably why they’re turned down,” she added.

The different baristas Insider spoke with had different attitudes. “It’s not worth risking my job to add a brownie to a blender,” said a current barista in Florida.

Rivera said a customer even asked his coworker to mix egg bites into a drink, although the customer ultimately described it as a joke.

Rivera said her colleague did not follow up on the request – but a former Indiana barista, who requested anonymity because she still visited the store as a customer, said she had actually mixed bites of eggs into a Frappuccino.

“It was just disgusting to hand out,” she said.

The Indiana barista said she also mixed a melted brownie into a Frappuccino. She said her manager told her that while she wasn’t technically supposed to mix food into drinks, she could tell the customer he could do it all at once.

A former barista in British Columbia, who asked to remain anonymous because she could return to work in the chain, said customers often requested that their coolers, which usually contained liquid, ice and pieces of fruit, be mixed.

“Most of the time we were like, ‘We can do that, but we prefer not to put the fruit in there because the fruit gets stuck and jams the blender,” she said.

“They’re not really designed for that sort of thing,” she added, saying her store staff once broke a blender mixing dried fruit into a drink.

Asking for mixed fruit in their drinks is just another way for customers to make their drink orders more complex. Starbucks baristas told Insider they’re fed up with brewing TikTok-inspired drinks, sometimes with “one mile sticker” list order customizations.

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