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Sub, also known as banh mi in Vietnamese cuisine, is based on a French roll topped with grilled lemongrass chicken, grilled minced pork patty, avocado, mayonnaise, pork pate, soy sauce , marinated carrot and daikon radish, white onion, and cilantro.

Originally from northern Vietnam, Tam and his partner have spent most of their lives in kitchens.

He prides himself on bringing authentic North Vietnamese cuisine style and flavors to every dish they prepare.

“Pho is originally from northern Vietnam… the ingredients are a bit different in central and southern Vietnam. In North Vietnam, we cook slowly with lots of chicken and beef bones for a long time, and make sure the sweetness comes from the bone.

Onions, ginger and sliced ​​almonds are common in North Vietnamese cuisine and feature heavily in Sealand Pho.

Ingredients sourced daily from local Nanaimo stores and markets ensure the quality of every item on their menu.

Tran opened Sealand Pho in September 2020, a few years after working with his partner to establish Pholicious, a classic Vietnamese restaurant in Vancouver.

He said they made sure to bring the same traditions and hard work to Vancouver Island.

“We do everything in house, because we had the restaurant in Vancouver a few years ago, and all the sauces and products were made in the restaurant every day.”

Although opening a restaurant in the midst of the pandemic was not easy, Tran said the community has given them tremendous support, especially since they are not accepting any government assistance related to COVID-19.

“Without the client, we would not have survived until now. The most important thing we focus on is good customer service and good food, and continuing our mission, which is to keep it real and authentic, and healthy.

Located off Stewart Ave. on the quays of the marina, the restaurant overlooks the Newcastle Canal with beautiful views of Saysutshun Island (Newcastle).

Tran said being right next to the marina really draws a variety of guests from across the island, especially in the warmer months.

“We offer membership to all boat people with a 10% discount on VIP cards, which means we have a lot of loyal customers during the summer.”

He said they also have many positive reviews online from customers around the world, who compliment them on their authentic-tasting dishes.

“They feel like my food is exactly the same as they have in Vietnam. But we have a lot of different communities here: Filipinas, Chinese and Thai people come to the restaurant and they love the food.

Sealand Pho is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and until 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

They also offer takeout, as well as delivery through food delivery services such as Uber Eats and DoorDash, and they offer free delivery on orders over $25.

More information about the restaurant, including their menu, is available on their website.

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