Restaurant owners and food vendors furious over new Covid restrictions

Restaurateurs and food vendors in shopping malls are angry at the draconian new lockdowns and travel restrictions, saying it will have an additional impact on their businesses.

Atchara Burarak, owner of the Iberry Group, the operator of the Iberry restaurant chain, said he agreed with the idea of ​​containing the infections, but questioned the effectiveness of the new measures.

“With the new restrictions, we are planning to temporarily close 5-6 restaurants located on the upper floors of shopping malls, as it is difficult to switch entirely to delivery services,” she said.

“We can permanently close more restaurants in places where landlords don’t want to help tenants deal with the virus crisis. We have already decided to permanently close two restaurants at All Seasons Place.

The company operates 60 restaurants. Of the total, 80% are located in shopping complexes.

“In addition to the new restrictions, the government must aggressively separate people who are not infected from high-risk or infected groups,” Ms. Atchara said.

Nath Vongpanich, president of Central Restaurants Group, the operator of Mister Donut, Auntie Anne’s, KFC, Pepper Lunch and others, said new mall closures will hurt restaurants as their take-out income will disappear.

“Restaurant owners are likely to feel the same pain they experienced during the first foreclosure in April of last year,” Nath said.

He said Mister Donut and Auntie Anne would see much lower income in some places, as the two brands account for the majority of take-out sales.

Thanyanan Baisamut, vice president and vice president of Thipsamai Padthai Pratoopee restaurant, said the company would feel the pinch of the new restrictions, but understands the importance of curbing new infections.

Source: Bangkok Post

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