PFA imposes heavy fine on food outlet

LAHORE: Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has imposed a heavy fine on the famous food outlet named ‘Ready to Cook’ in a raid led by its chief executive Shoaib Khan Jadoon in the town of Allama Iqbal here on Saturday.

DG PFA said the authority took action against the restaurant due to the production of ‘paratha’ and chicken products under the worst hygienic conditions and failure to follow the authority’s instructions .

While the Food Business Operator (FBO) also failed to follow the food safety standards and present the necessary dossier to the raid team. He further said that a comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has already been shared with FBOs for running a food business in Punjab.

The use of substandard and unsafe food is causing health problems for consumers, he said.

DG PFA stressed that people should prefer healthy and nutritious food to convenience or fast food. He said the provincial food regulator strictly monitors the food industry to ensure the supply of safe and adulterated-free food in Punjab.

Meanwhile, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) in conjunction with Sports Board Punjab (SBP) organized an awareness camp for players at the National Hockey Stadium.

A team of expert nutritionists educated the players on dietary recommendations after their comprehensive nutritional advice. Occasionally, body fat, bone mineral density, weight, blood sugar and blood pressure facilities were also given free of charge.

On occasion, DG PFA has urged players to be very careful in choosing their food and prioritize nutritious foods to stay healthy during the game during the summer seasons. He added that nutritious food provides players with energy and vitamins. He said everyone needs to avoid fast food and change their eating habits to stay strong and fit.

The General Manager of SBP admired PFA’s initiatives to organize an awareness camp for their players on choosing a healthy diet and its importance. He said healthy and safe food is much better than medicine for gamers. This camp will play a vital role in the lives of the players, he added.

He said the purpose of these camps was to raise awareness among people and players as they could protect themselves from the disease by adopting preventive measures.

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