Out of lockdown issues, roadside food stalls are now battling rising prices | Bhopal News

Bhopal: The street food trade, hit hard during the Covid period, has failed to recover even as life returns to normal in the city. Deserted kiosks with names printed as “Chinese Center” or “Chat Center” could be seen all over the city, indicating that many vendors preparing and distributing edibles to people on the roadside have deserted the business.
“The business was virtually shut down for two years with a lockdown in place intermittently and even with no lockdown we were not allowed to operate. We have a day-to-day existence. We couldn’t have waited for things to get back to normal. Many of us returned to our villages, some started selling vegetables and fruits. After the situation calmed down, some returned to their old business, but there are many who did not. They have to do something else but stop selling edibles,” said Abdul, who himself was seen with his thela selling burgers, Chinese stuff and several other things after a long time.
“The street food business has been affected by people’s new hygiene awareness after the Covid pandemic. It has taken a toll on the street food industry,” said Prakash Sharma, a former street food lover who has now largely overcome his passion. Even though deserted thelas and kiosks, which once sold edibles, are quite common, there are people who point out that at least now there are large crowds in hawker’s corner in several places around town and to say that the street food business has taken a hit isn’t quite right.
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