Opening of a new family kitchen at the bar in Port Huron Captain Skrip’s office

When Captain Skrip’s office bar couldn’t keep her kitchen open due to staff issues, co-owner Melissa Skrip said she decided to advertise a “phenomenal deal” to local entrepreneurs.

She offered cooking as an opportunity for an entrepreneur to earn her own money. Now the Port Huron bar provides all the equipment and Legacies XXI operates it.

“We are giving them the opportunity to start their business,” Skrip said.

On July 5, new Legacies XXI family kitchen had a grand opening at the bar at 1951 Water St.

This is a business partnership, with Legacies XXI getting 100% of food sales and essentially leasing the kitchen, said Andrea Farnsworth, Marysville resident, of Legacies XXI.

Joshua Goodrich, Andrea Farnsworth and Kevin McGhee of Legacies XXI stand behind the bar at Captain Skrip's office in Port Huron on July 15, 2021.

“They need food here,” she said. “And we need drinks, so it’s working.”

Army veteran Kevin McGhee of Marysville, Farnsworth’s partner, and Joshua Goodrich of Port Huron Township are the cooks in the kitchen. Caileigh Barr of Port Huron Township, Goodrich’s girlfriend, takes care of the marketing and Farnsworth takes care of the “tote”.

While Captain Skrip’s office is open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight, Legacies XXI’s hours of operation are 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 4 p.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.

Until the kitchen is open, the bar serves snacks like crisps, but once Legacies XXI gets there, menu items include:

  • Fried gizzards, $ 6.99
  • Club Legacy, $ 9.99: Choice of bread, ham, turkey, bacon, topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise.
  • Nachos, half order $ 4.99, full order $ 7.99: homemade tortilla chips, queso, salsa, black beans, sour cream and people can add meat.
  • Garlic pomegranates, $ 6.50
Marysville residents Andrea Farnsworth and Kevin McGhee view their Legacies XXI menu at Captain Skrip's Office bar in Port Huron on July 15, 2021.

Goodrich described the food as “definitely American style. Captain Skrip’s office had similar menu items, but McGhee said they had their own twist.

McGhee said they go for quality, try to have all the ingredients fresh, and make their own cocktail sauce, tartar sauce, etc.

The men go to work at another restaurant in Harrison Township while working there, hence the final hours, but they are up to the challenge.

“I love the art of creation,” said McGhee.

Kevin McGhee, a resident of Marysville, puts on gloves before working with food at Captain Skrip's Office bar in Port Huron on July 15, 2021.

Goodrich said he wanted to cook since he was 6, when his grandmother had him on a chair so he could reach for the stove. He loves the faces people make when they bite into the food he has prepared and adores him.

McGhee said he has been cooking for 18 years and has helped open several restaurant chains.

“It has always been a passion for me to open something to myself,” he said.

Legacies XXI, which is the Roman numeral of 21, are the men who unite their passions. McGhee said he was 21 when he opened his first business, a hair salon, and wants to try and create a legacy for his children.

“And that’s my favorite number,” Goodrich said.

Marysville resident Kevin McGhee holds an order for Legacies XXI nachos and garlic pomegranates at Captain Skrip's Office bar in Port Huron on July 15, 2021.

Going forward, McGhee wants a smoker to start making baby back ribs and the goal is to eventually purchase a building for the business. He said they would start with a food truck to get more publicity for the restaurant and build from there.

Goodrich said they would like to grow to eventually have 10 to 15 locations across the country.

“We build our customers, build our family,” he said.

Farnsworth said if people are smart the region will start to see more business partnerships like this.

Trying to find people to work is tough right now and Legacies XXI is working for themselves, so they make sure it’s quality, she said.

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Skrip, also an Army veteran, said customers were “thrilled to see life come back to the kitchen” when Legacies XXI began offering food.

“It’s good, their wings are phenomenal,” she said.

She said they needed another good restaurant in this part of town as the hotel’s hungry customers will be coming from the area. She hopes business will pick up and entrepreneurs can quit their day jobs to spend more time there.

They haven’t signed a contract, but the companies have a verbal agreement to have Legacies XXI operate the kitchen for six months. If there is no point in continuing the partnership after that, they can go their separate ways.

“But we hope it works,” Skrip said. “And they are welcome to stay as long as they want.”

Captain Skrip's office bar at 1951 Water Street in Port Huron, July 15, 2021.

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