OmniFoods launches OmniPork and OmniSeafood in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia – The world’s first 100% plant-based OmniPork and revolutionary OmniSeafood will launch in select restaurants across Canada this Canada Day (July 1). The brand has taken Asia, the US and the UK by storm due to OmniFoodsis on a mission to create inclusive plant-based products with an emphasis on great taste. The brand’s flagship ground pork product is celebrated for its tenderness, juiciness, texture, versatility and durability. The OmniSeafood line was also praised for its innovation. The OmniPork and OmniSeafood product lines will be featured in a variety of creative, globally-inspired dishes developed by restaurants in Vancouver and Toronto, ahead of an expected retail launch later this summer.

Created in 2018, OmniPork allows chefs to whip up an endless variety of plant-based dishes and can be seasoned, steamed, pan-fried or fried, stuffed or crumbled. Made from a proprietary blend of non-GMO plant-based proteins from soy, peas, shiitake mushrooms and rice, OmniPork products contain less saturated fat, fewer calories and contain 0 mg of cholesterol* compared to pork products of animal origin. The OmniSeafood was launched on World Oceans Day 2021. Comprising two iconic products, Omni Classic Fillet and Omni Golden Fillet, this product line is made with a proprietary blend of soybeans, peas, rice and canola not GMOs squeezed out by expeller. oil. Omni Classic Filet and Omni Golden Filet are also low in saturated fat, contain 0 mg of cholesterol*, are free of trans fats and heavy metals, providing a healthier choice on the market. With a taste and texture indistinguishable from real fish fillet, it can be easily incorporated into any dish.

Vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters can enjoy Asian-inspired dishes at a series of popular restaurants that will open from July 1 until further notice. Among many others, Chinese gourmet restaurants are joining the plant-based restaurant scene Word 32vegan comfort food expert Meet the restaurantVietnamese vegetarian restaurant Make Chay, Yugo Restaurant, authentic chinese restaurants Kirinand Old bird restaurant. Luxury restaurant Seafood Yunorthern thai cuisine Pay Toronto, Gong Fu Bao which is famous for its artisan steamed buns and vegan Vietnamese restaurant Lotus SaigonToronto.

The new dishes will feature OmniPork Pork Free Paste (Ground Pork), OmniPork Lunch, Filet of Omni Doréand the first plant-based unbreaded fish, Omni Classic Net. Both OmniPork products are winners of the 2021 Great Taste Awards; while the Omni Golden Fillet holds a 2022 Monde Selection Silver Award.

*per 100g

Restaurant offering OmniPork and OmniSeafood from June 2022

Vancouver: Toronto: Montreal:
Mott 32Meet RestaurantDirty Vegan Food TruckKirinDo ChayDinesty Dumpling HouseSun Sui WahShanghai WonderfulNeptune Wonton NoodlesRyuuOld Bird RestaurantYugo Yu Seafood Pai Toronto Gong Fu Bao Bring Me Lotus Saigon Toronto Mathilda’s Umami

About OmniFoods

Owned by Green Monday Fund, OmniFoods’ line of alternative protein products includes the OmniPork, OmniSeafood and OmniEat series. With R&D in Canada and a distribution network in over 20 markets, OmniFoods partners with many of the world’s top restaurants and retail chains including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Starbucks, McDonald’s Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Disneyland Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels, Conrad Hotels, Grand Hyatt Hotels and Pizza Express.

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