‘Noods’ and where to find good ones in Cebu

Both pasta and noodles are pantry staples and because they have so many similarities, they are often confused with each other and sometimes even substituted for each other.

How many times have you ever considered using spaghetti when a recipe calls for egg noodles?

Interestingly, although the first evidence of noodles was found in China, “noodles,” the term for starch that can be boiled, were first used in Germany in the 1400s to refer to an ingredient added to pans. The “nudel” was made from wheat flour, butter and milk.

Today, we often think of noodles when we think of Asian dishes, and pasta when we think of Italian cuisine. Whether cooked fresh or store bought, used for stew or ramen, pasta and noodles are versatile and come in many different types.

Lucky for us, there’s no need to choose a side when we have all of these options and more in town:

Dimes Bistro + Coffee’s Spaghetti Carbonara

Non-Italians, especially Filipinos, have committed many crimes against this much revered classic, the most common being the addition of cream. Creamy carbonara, which should only be obtained with raw eggs, reserved dough water, good quality cheese like pecorino, smoked meat, ideally guanciale or pancetta and fresh black pepper ground, is something that Dimes Bistro has almost perfected.

Chorizo ​​Aglio Olio from Tightrope Coffee

For a cafe best known for their coffee, it’s amazing how much Tightrope thinks so much about their food, from flavor to presentation, instead of treating it as just an afterthought. His chorizo ​​aglio olio, for its part, looks deceptively simple. From the first take, the al dente pasta and the tasty and textured contrast of Spanish chorizo, garlic, tomatoes, fresh parsley and parmesan shavings will instantly woo you. The sourdough bread on the side complements it nicely, and it’s homemade too.

Punk’s Mee Goreng Project

This recipe of Indonesian origin uses egg noodles sautéed in a sweet sauce that is sticky but also tasty and spicy. Chicken, bean sprouts, and cabbage are mixed together, and a fried egg on top completes the dish.

Laksa from HWKR

HWKR, one of the outlets for the Abaca Eats virtual dining room, specializes in Malay street food and one of its menu staples is laksa. The creamy coconut curry broth in which tofu, chicken, shrimp and bean sprouts are simmered is a winner on its own, but the homemade noodles earn HWKR brownie points with customers.

Oleo Capparis of the weekend

The restaurant may be famous for its premium steaks and chops, but what better dish to go with them than simple, fresh pasta? Inspired by the flavors of the Mediterranean, the Oleo Capparis Weekend is made with green olives, capers, anchovies, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, parsley and parmesan. Bucatini, which are thick, spaghetti-like pasta, are also better at absorbing sauces.

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