Nit Thai Dessert serves the best sweet treats in Bangkok

Seattle is no stranger to amazing Thai cuisine. We’ve long been convinced to dine in Pad see ew’s noodle heaven or dip in a bowl of fantastic tom kha gai. But what’s for dessert? It’s here that Thai Dessert Nit in Wallingford comes to the rescue. Serving up the quintessential sweet food you’ll find in street stalls in Bangkok, Nit Thai Desserts emphasizes how perfect mango and sticky rice can be.

JP, Senior Operation Manager, said the secret to making amazing mango and sticky rice isn’t complicated, but it does require the highest quality ingredients and knowing exactly how to prepare them. For starters, Nit Thai Dessert uses only organic mangoes. The team’s hand selects only the mangoes they would like to eat. If the mangoes aren’t good enough, they won’t serve them.

“Mango and sticky rice is a well-known and best-selling Thai dessert, and we believe it could be taken to the next level,” JP said of the origins of Nit Thai dessert. “Seattle is such an exciting city and there should be more exciting food. “

To prepare the mango and sticky rice dish, the team take organic mango and pair it with your choice of several flavors of sticky rice. Choose from traditional coconut, pandan, Thai tea, or purple black rice – or go for a scoop of each. “These colors have a subtle touch of flavor, and I think that’s really the main selling point,” JP said. “We all know mango is good, but we’ve figured out how to get creative with the flavors. “

The hot rice is then given an extra drizzle of sweet coconut milk and topped with crunchy mung bean nuggets and a sprig of fresh mint.

But the Magical Service Window of the Commissary’s Kitchen, as JP calls it, has a menu bigger than mango and sticky rice. And everything they serve is vegan and gluten free. When available, Nit Thai serves durian and sticky rice which replaces mango with durian, the king of fruits in Thailand. A polarizing taste, most people love or hate the stinky fruit.

“We think we can develop the concept and keep the momentum going instead of just relying on the mango sticky rice,” JP said. “Durian is an acquired taste. I will say it’s really not for everyone.

For those less inclined to try something that most think smells like dirty socks (even by those who love it), Nit Thai Dessert also makes an unforgettable mango smoothie. Again, using only organic mangoes and sweetened coconut milk, their smoothie may be slightly less colorful than some of the others in town, but it’s definitely the height of taste.

The Magic Window also offers fried banana fritters, another Bangkok street food staple. And soon, the team will be launching a sticky rice fritter topped with organic mango puree, mung bean chips, and coconut frosting.

“It will be one of a kind,” JP said. “There is nowhere else on Earth that makes them, not even in Thailand. “

Once you’ve tasted Nit Thai Dessert’s refreshing organic mango creations with perfectly hot sticky rice, you’ll be back often to try all of JP’s sweet Thai creations.

Nit Thai Dessert is located at 4405 Wallingford Ave N and is open from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. They accept drop-in orders or online orders through their website. The store accepts credit and debit cards or Apple Pay.

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