New York governor hopes to speed up legal weed sales

New York lawmakers are finally set to start discussing legal weed sales in New York after Governor Cuomo blocked the state’s cannabis program.

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Governor Kathy Hochul confirmed on Tuesday that she is calling a special session of the Legislative Assembly. The special session will start tomorrow and Hochul says the group:

  • Extend the moratorium on evictions until January 15 and relieve tenants and landlords
  • Make open meetings safer and more accessible
  • Confirm applicants for the state cannabis program

Hochul is expected to appoint Brooklyn Assembly member Tremaine S. Wright as chairman of the Cannabis Control Board and Christopher Alexander as executive director of the program, according to NY1 reporter Zack Fink.

Confirmation of applicants for the state’s cannabis program should help speed up the process of legally selling marijuana in New York City. Sales were delayed because former Governor Cuomo failed to fill key positions on the Cannabis Control Board, WGRZ reports.

“We lost five and a half months because there was no decision to just appoint an executive director and a president. Too much time has passed, I will be appointing these people shortly,” Hochul told reporters on Tuesday.

Hochul’s candidates, who must be approved by the state Senate, are needed to approve new rules on marijuana, including sales, reports The New York Post.

In March, lawmakers in New York reached a deal to make New York state the 15th state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana. At the time, authorities confirmed that legal weed retail sales could take months to two years to begin. Find out why below:

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