Millennial Money: 4 Reasons To Shop Small Business Saturday | Lifestyles: food, home, health

Small business shopping and eating on Saturdays is one way to show appreciation for local businesses, especially those we have depended on during the pandemic, Beitelspacher adds.

Do you remember the restaurants where you had take out meals when ordering at home? Or the skin care store that supplied you with hand sanitizer? They were there for us when we needed them; let’s reciprocate.


The dollars you spend on Small Business Saturday make a difference beyond the retail doors. Small businesses create local jobs and pay local taxes, which allows money to flow through communities.

“By shopping at local small businesses, customers can directly support their neighbors and contribute to their local economy,” Mark Madrid, associate administrator of the Office of Entrepreneurial Development of the US Small Business Administration, said in an email .

Shopping small for the holidays can also be environmentally friendly. When local businesses source raw materials or manufactured goods locally, it cuts the distance goods travel, says Madhav Durbha, vice president of supply chain strategy at Coupa Software, a platform for expense management for California-based businesses.

“No shipping from all over the world and less packaging reduces the carbon footprint,” said Durbha.

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