Miabelle Mushroom Parmigiana, Thai Town Breakfast

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The mushroom parmigiana recipe created by the grandmother of 17 News’ digital content manager Miabelle Salzano continues to garner accolades years later, as do her other Italian recipes.

I’ll let Mia share this remarkable story:

“My grandma developed this, along with a killer eggplant rollatini recipe, for me when I became a vegetarian in 8and to note. It’s usually served with his homemade marinara sauce, but I had leftover vodka sauce (also his) so I used that.

“The crust is so crispy with a mixture of Italian breadcrumbs and fresh Parmigiano Reggiano (no powder) and the mushroom is probably the closest meat substitute a God-fearing Italian would use.

“You have to buy high-quality tomato products for a good sauce and be generous with the red pepper flakes to get the level of spice in the sauce you want.

“His recipes were so good that my late grandfather (who was Irish) refused to go out to Italian restaurants after their marriage because his food was always better. My own husband never really liked pasta until what he meets these recipes too.But besides tasting amazing,many of his recipes are extremely historical and nostalgic.

“These recipes were originally those of his mother (my great-grandmother). They came here when my grandmother was little. My grandmother’s sister’s son (my first cousin?) moved to LA from New Jersey and opened an Italian restaurant using all the family recipes called Locale90.

“She always makes her own fresh pasta during the holidays. And wait till I get my hands on her cheesecake recipe. . . . It will be a best meal for the ages.

Thai town breakfast

You can tantalize your taste buds in ways you never expected with the fiery spices of Thai restaurants serving noodles, curries and salads. Expect to sweat profusely and shed a few tears.

Duck porridge with Siam Sunset.

The exception may be the Thai breakfast, with its soothing porridges called jok. At Siam Sunset in the Thai city of Los Angeles, I had a substantial bowl of porridge with roast duck and slivers of ginger that was as satisfying as a first meal I’ve had in ages. The indulgence of the duck has imbued the rice porridge with its richness, with the porridge acting as a blank slate for all the protein you add – duck, chicken, fish, pork.

Donuts served with sweetened condensed milk.

A look around the restaurant showed me that each table also had a plate of Chinese-style plain donuts served warm with a bowl of sweetened condensed milk for dipping. One taste and it’s no wonder the combination is a Bangkok breakfast staple.

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