Mexican Food Truck: New Commercial Enterprise

Some of the burritos offered by the Los Tres Pollitos Foodtruck. Extract from their Facebook page.

Jonathan and Yadira Barbosa, from Mapleton, thought for a year of opening their food truck, Los Tres Pollitos.

Jonathan and Yadira Barbosa. Photo submitted.

Yadira’s homemade meals have been enjoyed by many, said Jonathan.

“When my brothers came to hunt, they seemed to like it,” Jonathan said. “And we did a fundraiser for a local church.”

They parked the food truck in Bronson on weekends when it works with his schedule, he said.

“We are positioned at the old gas station on the highway. 54 to Bronson, ”he said. “The property is owned by Perry’s of Perry’s Pork Rinds.”

They also do catering.

“We also moved to Uniontown Elementary School for their continuing education for teachers (in October),” he said.

To discuss the catering menu and prices, please call one month in advance at (620) 215-4247, he says.

“There are a lot of options and the prices would depend on what they want,” Jonathan said.

The Barbosa are a busy family, Yadira is a full-time mother to the couple’s three children and is pregnant with their fourth child.

Jonathan owns a fencing business and is also a subcontractor for a Kansas City company that installs in-ground swimming pools, he said.

Yadira is the sister of Lupe Santana, owner of La Hacienda restaurant in Fort Scott. The brother and sister are from central Mexico.

But they decided to launch their new business, a Mexican food truck, called Los Tres Pollitos Mexican Breakfast and Street Tacos on October 9, 2021.

The Food Truck Los Tres Pollitos is sold at the old Bronson gas station, when their schedule allows. Extract from their Facebook page.

Their offerings are Mexican breakfast burritos and street food tacos made with chicken, steak, or chorizo.

They have three types of homemade salsa. and also offers chicken or cheese quesadillas.

“All homemade, like stepping off the streets of Mexico,” he said.

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