Many Waco Restaurants Report Difficulty Finding Workers | News from local businesses

“We were just talking about that,” Sherry Johnson said of the labor shortage.

She said future wait staff reject positions outright or fail to show up for interviews or shifts. She said Cupp’s typically pays newcomers $ 9 to $ 9.50 an hour, “and from there it depends on experience.”

Johnson said Cupp’s could currently use at least three other staff.

“If you need a job, you take what you can get,” Johnson said, echoing the philosophy that has shaped his work ethic. She said the fast food industry may have lost its appeal as options in the workplace widened. She said that perhaps the COVID-19 “environment” has soured some about work in general.

“We keep busy, too busy some days,” Johnson said. “People eat outside. “

Salaries have become a competitive bargaining chip in the marketplace, with many employers paying new hires as much as $ 15 an hour.

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Kyle Citrano, managing partner of George’s restaurant on Hewitt Drive and president of the Waco Restaurant Association, said he was concerned that burnout could affect people formerly employed in the restaurant and retail industries.

“We’re paying more than we’ve ever paid people before, but we understand that mental health issues are a big part of what’s going on today,” Citrano said. “COVID-19, customer interaction, masks, warrants, maybe people have burned themselves out and no longer want to be in our industry. “

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