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Of 211 restaurant inspections from Nov. 15 to Dec. 4, two received more than 30 violations, five had follow-up inspections and eight had perfect results, according to information from Fort Worth health inspectors compiled by The Star. -Telegram.

Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant, located at 3001 Bledsoe Street, and Chuyito Texican Burgers, located at 1521 N. Main Street, have both been cited for more than 30 offenses. Restaurants were required to resolve worst issues immediately and follow up on other issues within 48 hours.

Zenna Thai & Japanese restaurant underwent three inspections and had to close once during this period. The first inspection, on November 17, cited the Asian restaurant for food not being kept at proper temperatures. In one case, inspectors found fatty noodles from the day before stored at 76 degrees rather than the suggested 41 degrees or less.

Inspectors also said the food was not properly reheated, observed mold, there was cross-contamination between ingredients, excessive food residue in coolers, unlabeled chemical bottles and inadequate sanitation inside the establishment. With a perfect score of 0, Zenna Thai & Japanese Restaurant got a 46, then a 32 in a follow-up before closing on November 19.

On their third inspection, the restaurant was awarded a 27 on November 22.

Chuyito Texican Burgers got a score of 34 on its first inspection, cited for improper storage temperature, cross-contamination, “organic buildup on both soda makers… the microwave and the can opener” and for employees who have not completed a certified food handler course within seven days of commencing employment. The restaurant’s score fell to 14 by its follow-up.

Three other restaurants received follow-up inspections: Sushi Axiom which scored an 11, Mamma Mia Italian Grill & Pizza which scored a 9 and Poppin Fresh which scored a perfect score.

Along with Poppin Fresh located at 7709 Camp Bowie West Blvd., Celestes Ballroom and Restaurant at 933 Oak Grove, Chipotle Mexican Grill # 1697 at 6370 Camp Bowie Blvd., Fantasma Kitchen at 1302 Gould Ave., Pate Rehabilitation Center at 232 Ben’s Trail , Pizza Verde at 5716 Locke Ave., Serrano’s Fuego Michelada Mix at 2714 Azle Avenue, and Zeke’s Fish and Chips at 5920 Curzon Ave., did not cite any violations.

Below are the inspection scores and infractions for restaurants within the city limits of Fort Worth from November 15 to December 4, 2021. The scores are based on a demerit system. When the total exceeds 30, the restaurant must take immediate corrective action on all identified critical violations, then have 48 hours to take corrective action on all other violations. To search for restaurant inspections, enter a keyword or the restaurant name. You can also sort by score.

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