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Joint Guard 360 is a revolutionary formulation of essential nutrients that can provide relief for arthritis patients, control inflammation, reduce chronic pain, and allow your body to recover from damage. This unique but most effective supplement nourishes and repairs the body against all tension and stress, boosts immunity, rebuilds healthy cartilage, and helps you break free from threatening pain medications.

The science behind Joint Guard 360

Joint Guard 360 is formulated on the basis of the given research and therefore targets the pain enzyme 5-LOX as the main culprit.

Reviews on Thrive Joint Guard 360

  • Joint Guard 360 Contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients to relieve joint pain and sore muscles. It increases range of motion and improves joint mobility more effectively.
  • It very naturally repairs the damage that this continuous pain has done to your body. It supports healthy muscles and joint tissue.
  • With the help of powerful adrenal conditioners, this supplement repairs the regeneration of cartilage and therefore induces better mobility.
  • Regular use of Joint Guard 360 reduces inflammation caused by stress injuries and therefore reduces the risk of stress bone fracture.
  • As the ingredients used have minimal side effects, Joint Guard 360 promotes better organ function and a strengthened immune system. Improving digestion, liver function, heart health, cognitive responses and protection of brain cells are all possible with Joint custody 360.

Joint Guard 360 is an all-in-one supplement for pain relief, joint health, improved mobility, better organ function and better cartilage repair. Joint Guard 360 is, without a doubt, a lifeline.

Ingredients Joint Guard 360

A combination of 11 powerful ingredients gives Joint Guard 360 the power to fight inflammation and pain, nourish and maintain your overall well-being and achieve peak performance.

A favorite spice in South Asian cuisine, turmeric has been widely used medicinally due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Medicinal tests have confirmed that turmeric is as effective as the anti-inflammatory drug called diclofenae. 800 mg of Curcuma Longa root were induced in Joint Guard 360 to better absorb the various health benefits of turmeric.

The phyto-nutrient circumin present in turmeric has a very positive impact against joint swelling, pain, morning stiffness; physical immobility, etc. The supplement contains 100 mg of 95% turmeric circuminoids per capsule.

Although circumine enhances many health benefits, it lacks bioavailability primarily due to low absorption, rapid elimination, and rapid metabolism. Bio peperin has the potential to increase bioavailability by 2000%


A natural sugar found in cartilage, glucosamine sulfate is a supplement widely used to relieve joint pain. Derived from the hard cover of seashells, glucosamine can reduce pain as much as ibuprofen.

One of the building blocks of cartilage, chondroitin sulfate improves joint function and relieves pain. It slows down the cartilage damage caused even over the years and acts as a pain reliever. It also slows down the progression of osteoarthritis.

Native to Southeast Asia, ginger is the healthiest spice available. The main bioactive compound “gingerol” in ginger has powerful antioxidant effects and massively helps reduce pain and stiffness.

Native to Africa, Arabia and India, Boswellia is a tree whose resin and extract have long been used in soaps, medicines, cosmetics, foods and drinks. Boswellia extract is known to reduce joint pain by up to 65% and improve joint mobility. Its anti-inflammatory properties have made it a favorite with joint support health supplements.

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is organic sulfur that acts as a collagen for the immune system and joint health. It plays an important role in the formation of glucosamine, collagen and immunoglobins, which improves joint health and immunity.

Derived from the fruit, stem and juice of the pineapple plant, bromelain is part of traditional medicine. It is used to treat sore muscles, reduce pain and inflammation, and many digestive problems. Reports have revealed its effectiveness in various diseases of the heart and sinusitis.

Used by many athletes to improve performance and endurance, quercetin is a flavonoid found in abundance in various fruits, vegetables, and herbs. It inhibits inflammation and pain, as well improve joint health and resilience.

A major aid in improving the body’s metabolism, enzyme production, and repairing cell damage, methionine is basically an essential amino acid found in fish, meat, and dairy products. It acts as an anti-oxidant and helps protect damaged tissue.

Joint Guard 360 Award

Available only on the official website, Joint Guard 360 can be ordered at a reasonable price and attractive discount offers. Currently a 70% reduction is offered but is only valid while current stock is exhausted.

  • A bottle containing 60 capsules can be purchased from $69.
  • The offer of two bottles costs one total of $ 112 with the price of a single bottle being reduced to $ 59. This is the most popular offer ordered.
  • The value offer includes four bottles available from $ 224. The price per bottle is further reduced to $ 44.

If you have any questions, you can contact the company with product questions from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST on weekdays by phone or email at:

  • Company Address: Thrive Health Labs 109 East 17th Street Suite 460 Cheyenne, WY 82001
  • Telephone: 1-800-756-6844
  • E-mail: [email protected]

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