Jet Aviation wins food safety award

Jet Aviation received the Private and Business Aviation Food Safety Award from the Davinci Inflight Training Institute on Wednesday afternoon at NBAA-BACE 2022. The company was honored for the successful completion of the Air Force’s food safety program. private and business aviation recently introduced by Davinci by all of its 100+ flight attendants, as well as making it mandatory for all future hires.

“It’s a big deal that they went to the trouble of providing this training to all of their flight attendants,” said Davinci founding partner Paula Kraft.

Davinci quietly launched the Aviation Specific Food Safety Course in 2020 in response to the many calls he has received about food handling and food safety during the Covid pandemic. Until now, its promotion was mainly limited to word-of-mouth.

The online course covers topics such as preventing cross-contamination, understanding the flow of cold food from source to plane, and how to dispose of leftovers. It takes about four hours and culminates in a comprehensive exam that must be passed to receive credit.

“The program was designed to pay attention to the issues they have in the air to meet food safety standards,” Kraft said. AIN. “It’s different from a standard food safety course designed for restaurants or hotels on the ground, whereas on airplanes they don’t have the same storage or reheating capabilities.”

“Ours is actually based on the work of the flight attendant or the flight crew members, as well as the FBO members on how to keep that food safe on your plane,” said John Detloff, chief operating officer of Davinci, adding that there are currently no food safety standards in aviation, placing the burden on operators. “That’s why we actually developed this course to have a set of standards for flight crew members on food safety aspects.” Program certification is valid for two years, after which the employee must be recertified to keep current with the latest safety guidelines. .

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