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Chandigarh: UT Health Secretary Yashpal Garg on Tuesday instructed food safety officers to inspect their respective areas for food business operators who do not have permission and submit reports on the measures taken by Thursday.
Unlike in previous years when instructions had been issued near Diwali, Garg this time gave orders in advance. The move came after a meeting chaired by Garg on Tuesday where the issue of unlicensed food manufacturing units was discussed.
Agents were asked to verify unlicensed food operators and also submit the full list of these units.
Recently, the Mohali health department raided candy stores in Nayagaon. The team found stale candies sold and destroyed 10 kg of patisa, 20 kg of rasgulla and 40 kg of sugar syrup. The team also took seven samples of candy.
In 2018, samples of eight confectioneries, collected before Diwali, failed the test because they were deemed substandard. One of the samples contained insects. A report on the samples was received by the UT Health Department Food Safety Administration from a Punjabi government laboratory in Kharar. The samples included sweets such as kalakand, milk cake, and chumchum. “According to the report, one of the samples was found to be unsafe for consumption because insects were found there. Another sample was found to be misleading, meaning the customer asked for something but received more. adulterated products, ”one official said.
Notice to consumers, sellers
A senior UT official said the Chandigarh administration’s food safety and standards department has already issued a warning to townspeople to remain vigilant when purchasing sweets, baked goods. , drinks, dried fruits, etc. The department said consumers should make sure the food they purchased was from a licensed store that followed complete hygiene and used quality products, so there was no harm to their health. The department has also issued a notice to food business operators, manufacturers / distributors dealing with the aforementioned food products, advising them to observe complete hygiene when preparing / selling these food products and to act in accordance with the provisions. of the Food Safety and Standards Act 2006. , to avoid any untoward incident. The department cautioned against prompt and appropriate action under the law in the event of a violation.
Do you have a complaint?
In the event that consumers notice adulteration in the food they have purchased, they can report the problem to the Department of Food Safety and Standards, Government Multi-Specialty Hospital, Sector 16, Chandigarh,


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