How to Save 71% on Water Costs with ThinkTop V70 Upgrade

Save 71% on water costs by upgrading one in four valve control tops

Do you want to increase the yield? Safe hygienic safety?

Reduce operating costs? Achieve your sustainability goals?

Let the experts at the Alfa Laval Fluid Processing Innovation and Applications Center solve the challenges you face. This is what a major global brewery did to determine the best way to cut water costs when cleaning anti-mixing valves. Whatever the sector or the challenge, our experts can offer you an innovative solution adapted to your needs.

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Test results – over 71% water savings

Upgrading all valve control tops on an anti-mixing valve group is not always the optimal approach to increase process performance, especially for industries with less frequent cleaning needs.
At least that’s what our experts at the Application and Innovation Center discovered when they researched a good upgrade strategy for the brewery. Our experts tested three scenarios with a configuration identical to that of the brewery.

The optimal solution? Upgrading one in four valve controllers was by far the most attractive solution to upgrading all of them.

“A complete upgrade is not always the best approach. Sometimes a little ingenuity goes a long way, ”explains Mario Kurilic, Technical Sales Director, Food & Water, Alfa Laval.
He continues, “Using a ThinkTop V70 to control four valve actuators resulted in 71% water savings and required less investment than changing all of the control tops. “
Click here to see how the test went.

Faster valve cleaning, faster payback time

The ThinkTop V70 with Burst Seat Cleaning function effectively cleans the valve seat much faster and uses less water than the current brewery cleaning system.
This achieves a return on investment in less than a year, depending on cleaning requirements, frequency and cost structure.

Discover Alfa Laval ThinkTop V70.

It’s Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval is active in the fields of energy, marine and food and water, offering its expertise, products and services to a wide range of industries in around 100 countries. The company is committed to optimizing processes, creating responsible growth and driving progress, always going the extra mile to help customers achieve their business and sustainability goals.

Alfa Laval’s innovative technologies are dedicated to the purification, refining and reuse of materials, promoting a more responsible use of natural resources. They help improve energy efficiency and heat recovery, improve water treatment and reduce emissions. In this way, Alfa Laval not only accelerates the success of its customers, but also that of people and the planet. Make the world a better place, every day. It’s about Better move forwardTM.

Alfa Laval has 16,700 employees. Annual sales in 2020 amounted to SEK 41.5 billion (approx. € 4 billion). The company is listed on the Nasdaq OMX.

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