Hackettstown Chef teaches Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese cuisine

HACKETTSTOWN, NJ – Locals who want to learn how to whip up some of their favorite Asian dishes can take cooking lessons from a chef and restaurateur in Hackettstown.

Chef Jay Chai, owner of Pandan Room and TOPO Restaurant, plans to teach private and specialist classes.

Each class is approximately three hours and $ 85 each, with small groups of around 12 per class.

Chef Jay Chai’s first class is “Thai 101″ on Sunday, June 27, teaching student chefs to prepare several Thai dishes including pork dumplings, Tom Yum Kong shrimp soup, yellow curry chicken, noodles with beef Pad Kie Mau and mango sticky rice.

In the second class on Thursday, July 29, the focus will be on Dim Sum, with participants preparing Rangoon crab, duck spring rolls, seasoned sticky rice, pork and shrimp shumai and aubergine pudding. caramel.

The Asian Taste Course offers a culinary tour of different parts of Asia with Summer Tofu Avocado Rolls, Fun Singapore Mei Noodle Chicken, Nasi Goreng Beef Indonesian Fried Rice, Masaman Curry Beef and fried banana.

In the fall, there are two different times on Sunday, October 24, at 11:30 a.m. or 3 p.m., where students will prepare fall-inspired Asian dishes like spinach artichoke pot stickers, Mushroom soup with coconut cream, chicken curry and kale cabbage. , Bakmie Goreng Beef and peanut butter roll.

Chef Chai also offers private cooking classes with up to 18 people in the Pandan room or in one person’s home, for $ 850. He will coordinate with the class host to set up the date, time and menu.

Click here to book one of his classes.

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