Guy Fieri will offer the winner of his new show his own restaurant

The winner of “Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime” will walk away with his own restaurant.

Guy Fieri just signed an $ 80 million deal with Food Network and he’s now cooking up a new show with a big twist. The last competitor standing on A man’s chance of a lifetime will leave with one of the famous chef’s Chicken Guy restaurants.

The Mayor of Flavortown wants to show a side of the culinary world that is often overlooked on culinary television. The show will focus on marketing and hospitality rather than the usual culinary preparation.

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The show is being sold more as a high-stakes interview than a cooking contest. Fieri promises that the winner will walk away with a franchise of his fast food restaurant Chicken Guy. Currently, the fast food chain only has a handful of locations with a majority opening this year.

“I’ll tell you right now, this is not your ordinary competitive show,” Fieri said. “No eliminations, no unnecessary preparations every week. It’s a real job interview for a life-changing opportunity. A man’s chance of a lifetime have to prove they’re the best all-round talent in the food business and if they can, we’re in business – together.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s seven contestants will take a crash course in how the fast-paced channel works. The show will end with a food festival where contestants will be judged on how well they serve hundreds of diners in a short time.

Expect frequent Fieri associates to appear as judges, including business partner Robert Earl, as well as Maneet Chauhan, Hunter Fieri, Anthony Hoy Fong, Antonia Lofaso, Christian Petroni and John Thall.

“We ran cameras around the clock on Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime to document all aspects of this unprecedented and grueling 24/7 job interview,” said Courtney White, President of Food Network and Food Content Delivery at Discovery, Inc. “To win, these candidates study all night, then get up at dawn to apply their new skills in real restaurant life with Guy evaluating each of them. their movements. The pressure and the stakes could not be higher. It is an intense and exciting journey to watch.

Fieri’s show and new franchise will certainly help boost the celebrity chef’s net worth, which currently stands at around $ 50 million.

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Sources: Hollywood journalist

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