Gustew ko yan! Kare-kare among the best stews in the world by Taste Atlas

Keep calm and kare-kare on it! The thick, nutty, savory meat and vegetable stew finally gets its due.

MANILA, Philippines – Keep calm and kare-kare because the famous peanut stew from the Philippines is finally getting the recognition it deserves! Pampanga’s traditional kare-kare has been named one of the world’s 100 highest-rated stews in 2022, according to the international food database Taste Atlas.

The thick, nutty, savory meat and vegetable stew ranked 52 on the Top 100 list, with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. 1st place.

The traditional dish, which comes in several versions, usually consists of meat (oxtail, tripe, pork, goat and/or chicken) and vegetables such as eggplant, sitaw (long beans), garlic, onion, pechay/bok choy and grow sage (banana flowers). Peanut butter or peanut puree is added, along with annatto water, green chilies, and sometimes crushed peanuts.

Kare-kare is usually eaten with bagoong (shrimp paste) as a condiment and with steamed white rice. Some households even replace the meat with seafood or tofu for a vegetarian version.

Food critics from Taste Atlas have noted that you can get “the best-kare-kare in the world” at Serye, The Aristocrat, Binulo, Romulo Cafe, Cafe Juanita, Barrio Fiesta, Gerarda’s, Tres Cuisine, Mateo’s, Anix’s House, Victorino’s , Pamana and Misto.

The food website said kare-kare is traditionally cooked in a clay pot known as a palayok, and that the “container doubles as a serving bowl once the dish is fully cooked”. The Filipino fiesta favorite is believed to have its origins in the Pampanga region, while others believe the dish is derived from the Indian word curryand that it was introduced to the Philippines by Indians from the province of Rizal.

Our readers recently hailed kare-kare as their best underrated Filipino dish which they believe deserves more recognition globally, aside from siniang, adobo, and sig.

In July, Taste Atlas hailed bibingka as the 13th best cake in the world. Sinigang was also named the 7th best soup in the world and tortang greenhouse has been ranked as the highest rated egg dish in the world. Other Pinoy delights like lechon and lugaw were also recognized by the website.

Taste Atlas is an online food database that promotes local food culture from countries around the world. The website contains more than 10,000 local specialties, drinks, recommended restaurants and ingredients to discover before an international trip. –

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