Green Chili Debate As Hot As Food

As the temperature dropped, our interest in green chilies grew…and we quickly researched our top ten spots to get the best green chilies in Denver. Our favorites go everywhere, both in terms of location and style. Some are lean, hot, and spicy, while others stand out for their deep, rich flavor and prominent roasted notes. There are thick, gravy-like versions, and others that eat more like a stew. But each provides the kind of comforting, warming bite we crave when the weather turns cold.

And there’s something else they have in common: they provoke scorching comments from Green Chile fans. In their responses to the Westword Facebook list post, readers wondered: Where was PorkHub? TJ’s sports bar? At Chico’s? And, of course, we had the usual suggestion to head to New Mexico. Pat says:

I always love Brewery Bar’s Green Chili.

Add April:

You forgot Las Delicias!

Bobbi has a long list:

We still miss the Rivera in Glendale! Try Bull & Bush mashed potatoes covered in greens. Santiago’s chili on Leetsdale; arrive early! Breakfast Inn two breakfast burrito, extra green yowza pepper on the side.

Suggests Daniel:

There are a few obvious ones missing…

Carol responds:

Delicious. Some of them look amazing. Thank you.

Fred says:

Can’t wait to hear from people who think the slim stuff in Santa Fe is the best.

And yes, Joe offers some fighting words:

If you think you can find good green chili in Denver, you’re crazy. There’s no good green pepper in Denver. The only answer is to drive south to New Mexico.

Short of driving to New Mexico, where’s your favorite place for green chili? Post a comment or share your thoughts on [email protected]

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