Food trade explodes as Covid boosts delivery demands


KARACHI: Nauman Sikandar Mirza, CEO of foodpanda, says the rise of e-commerce will help drive the growth of the food industry. He said this during an interview with The News International. Here are some highlights from the conference:

Q. E-commerce has become important around the world and is also growing rapidly in Pakistan, especially after Covid. How do you see its future?

A. As technology continues to improve, e-commerce will also continue to grow and its reach will expand into even more areas of human endeavor. The convenience of e-commerce is undeniable. Many types of transactions that were previously done physically, taking a lot of time and effort, can now be completed in minutes, without leaving your location and with just a few clicks on your smartphone or laptop.

E-commerce frees up a lot of time for people, which they can now spend with family and friends and pursuing other activities. In theory, there is hardly any business activity that cannot be done with e-commerce – the only fundamental requirement is the availability of the right platform, such as the platform provided by foodpanda for a variety of businesses. activities and transactions carried out easily online. Our innovation-based approach has effectively revolutionized the industry and made Pakistan much more visible in the tech space globally. foodpanda is perhaps best known and most visible for its food delivery service, which it started with a few years ago. Since then, the company has established several other related but independent business lines or e-commerce lines of business.

The future is therefore bright for e-commerce, as innovation continues to disrupt traditional business channels.

Q. How has your growth been over the past 2-3 years, what has driven it across the portfolio and how do you see growth in the years to come?

A. Our growth has been steady and strong; about 3 times the number of orders in the past 2-3 years and we have also seen similar revenue growth. There are several drivers of this growth, including our focus on innovation and disruptive technologies, diversification across functions, proactive engagement with government to conduct business-friendly policies, such as authorized food delivery during periods of time. closures etc as well as some of our other big bets like exploring new verticals and cloud kitchens – which are also driving business growth.

I should also point out here that at the end of the day the success of any business or business depends on its people. We have made a conscious effort to build great teams, from the most junior employees, who can also be the source of a great new idea, right down to the management team. Our philosophy is to create, to build, to make a difference. Culture is transparent, flexible, and filled with a buzz of activity and productivity.

foodpanda is a local and Pakistani success story. We are confident that we will continue to grow in the years to come as we continue to explore new ideas and avenues while developing our current lines of business. The most important learning that new start-ups and budding entrepreneurs can take from the history of foodpanda is that you have to be bold and innovate all the time.

Q. What is the impact of your business on society in general?

A. Although foodpanda is technically not a social enterprise, the impact of its activity on society is akin to that of a social enterprise, in terms of a business directly generating socio-economic benefits for a large number of people. people and for other businesses. Our business provides unique livelihood or additional income opportunity for tens of thousands of people e.g. for delivery people, it financially empowers thousands of women while working from home through our portfolio of home chefs, many of them having no other source of income, it considerably develops the activity and therefore the sales and income of thousands of restaurants and food outlets, and in the same way develops the activity of independent stores selling a wide variety of products.

Thus, our business has a positive impact on a wide range of society, through financial inclusion, industry economic empowerment, scalable – especially providing an economic lifeline to restaurants / chefs in home / vendors / suppliers, etc. -the commerce sector to stimulate innovation and growth, and promote the acquisition and retention of talent by being an employer of choice in the country.


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