Food prices set to rise again after Songkran festival as Thailand records 25,298 Covid-19 cases on Saturday April 9

BANGKOK, April 9 (The Nation Thailand/ANN): A source from Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce has warned that prices of basic necessities, including food, will rise again after the Songkran break next week.

Food prices have become a hot potato for the ministry as producers demand increases due to rising costs.

The manufacturers have requested permission from the ministry’s Department of Internal Trade to raise the prices of their products.

Food manufacturers cite higher production costs due to rising fuel prices as the Russian-Ukrainian war cuts supply.

The department asked producers to maintain their current prices and stock levels of 18 basic household items as demand is expected to be high during the long Songkran holiday.

However, the prices of many common goods are expected to rise after the traditional Thai New Year, according to the Ministry of Commerce source.

The cost of fresh meat, vegetables, seasonings and cooked food has already risen, reflecting the rise in the price of gasoline and cooking gas following crude oil’s surge above $100 a barrel.

Meanwhile, feed and fertilizer producers are also asking the Department of Internal Trade for permission to raise prices for their products, citing the higher cost of imported materials from Russia and Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Public Health reported on Saturday April 9 that in the past 24 hours, 25,298 new patients tested positive for Covid-19, 78 of whom arrived in Thailand from overseas.

The death toll rose by 98, while 22,003 patients were cured and allowed to leave hospitals.

Cumulative cases in the country since January 1, 2022 stand at 1,634,911.

The total number of Covid-19 cases in the country stands at 3,858,346 – of which 3,580,920 have recovered, 251,451 are still hospitalized and 25,975 have died.

Separately, a further 42,463 people received their first Covid-19 vaccine in the past 24 hours, 40,877 their second vaccine and 118,343 a booster, bringing the total number of Covid-19 vaccine doses administered nationwide to 130 863 690. – The Nation Thailand/ANN

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