Flight For Life saves family of mountain lions in Colorado

A family of three from Texas got the fear of their life when not only one, but two mountain lions tracked them down on a trail near Durango, Colo. Will and Rylea Sadler, along with their 11 month old daughter, Millie, were on a familiar trail in the Purgatory area when they heard a noise behind them.

Priscilla Du Preez / Unspalsh

Rlyea told the Denver Canal she grabbed her husband’s arm and said “There is an animal”. This animal turned out to be a large mountain lion about 15 feet behind the family.

When the family realized the mountain lion was watching over them, the trio retreated to a nearby meadow. With a crying baby in tow, the Sadlers realized there was nowhere to go from there. That’s when they called 911. As soon as they called for help, another smaller puma was spotted.

The couple held the two pumas apart with sticks and brush which they waved in the air. Rescuers enlisted the help of Flight For Life at Mercy Hospital in Durango. The pilot and the nurse on board could easily spot the family in the meadow and had easy access to the mainland.

The Sadler family say they couldn’t be more grateful for the help and extraction of the stalking mountain lion region.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife says a good deterrent for mountain lions is bear spray. Will Sadler says he’ll be better prepared and take a can from now on.

Source: The Denver Canal

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