Flagship restaurant Sammy’s in La Jolla celebrates grand reopening

Sammy’s Food + Wine in La Jolla, California is celebrating a grand reopening after closing for renovations. This news does not come too soon for lovers of Sammy’s restaurant in La Jolla.

The popular restaurant, located at 702 Pearl Street, recently reopened its flagship location in early 2022 after being closed for at least two months for renovations and remodeling. Sammy’s announced the reopening in a Jan. 31 post on CBS8.

“Here we celebrate the reopening of this magnificent restaurant, a small facelift on the patio, a small facelift inside and a small facelift on the menu,” said Alfie Szeprethy, executive chef at Sammy’s.

Szeprethy said that while Sammy’s is known for its pizzas and salads, the restaurant has made some changes to its menu to include healthier and lighter options, including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

“By staying in tune with the times and the cuisine, we offer healthier, lighter Mediterranean-style dishes as a starter,” Szeprethy said. “Fresh seafood is always great close to shore.”

Some of these healthier options include sandwiches, tacos, fresh fish dishes and pitas, as well as a new hummus section with four different flavored dips, depending on the San Diego weather.

Sami Ladeki, the owner of the Sammy’s chain, which has restaurants throughout San Diego, said Sammy’s new options represent his favorite menu he’s never presented.

Sammy’s is also offering discounts and offers to kick off its reopening, including a daily Happy Hour available Monday through Friday from 3-6 p.m.

Sammy’s restaurant’s original location in La Jolla isn’t the only new addition to the local chain’s footprint in America’s Finest City. Sammy’s also opened a 24-hour restaurant and bar at Chula Vista’s Seven Mile Casino in 2021. This location offers Sammy’s signature dishes, as well as Asian dishes and a breakfast menu.

About the Author: Mike Peterson is a freelance journalist and writer based in North San Diego County. He has written and worked for a number of local media, including the San Diego Union-Tribunethe North Coast Currentand the Ocean’s Edge Blade.

Banner photo of Sammy’s Restaurant in La Jolla courtesy of San Diego weather

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