Evercross H5 Electric Scooter – 800W Adult Level Power

We’ve tested so many scooters that have come through the office here, spanning some of the biggest names to names we’ve never heard of before. So at times we can be a bit of a snob because we know where the quality bar should be for various features. Fortunately, the Evercross H5 Electric Scooter seems to be doing well to stay on our good side.

The build quality and design of the scooter are mostly comparable to brands like Razor. So you should find that durability and function can be quite familiar if this is where your expectations are or if you have experience with this brand. We found all of the materials to be perfect for the price as well as our fussy expectations.

Assembly is simple since most are ready to use. You just need to unfold a few items, lock them in place, screw on the front headlight, then put the seat / bar back together and onto the scooter. From there it all folds up for you to transport or store.

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter - Rear Wheel

The kickstand is durable annd can maintain the weight of the scooter very well. It has a nice headlight at the front and a brake light at the rear. The rear shield of the rear tire is indeed an alternative brake that you can lower down – when you don’t have the seat attached of course, and you are standing. Otherwise, there is also a brake on the handlebars which you will mainly use.

The weight capacity is impressive up to 440 lbs, able to support just about any adult-sized human. You should never have any problems here unless you have two passengers, and that’s only because it’s inconvenient and goes against official scooter rules what not to do on a scooter.

As for transport, the weight of it is a bit high. So you probably won’t be carrying it everywhere. You will probably be loading or unloading it into / from a vehicle or storage space. He weighs 52 pounds, so the average person will likely avoid having to walk around with this in their hands. A simple lift here or there in storage isn’t bad and the weight seems average for scooter level. We’ve even seen models heavier than that (at least, models that could achieve that kind of speed and performance).

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter - Controls

You have the option to turn it off via a key as a secondary precaution to ensure that no one is playing with it while you are not in the immediate vicinity. It should always be turned on / off with a button beyond it and automatically shuts off if not in use.

There is a screen to monitor your speed and everything with it. You can see what speed mode you are in, battery life, etc. This is not the best brightness for a screen, however, which seems to be a common thing with Evercross models. So reading it during the day won’t be as easy as reading it at night. You can adjust where you want the screen and everything to sit for the best comfort and to match your hand coordination between the throttle and the right brake lever.

The quality of the engine is fantastic. It’s very quiet, very fluid and therefore very fast. This puts it exactly where it should be when comparing it to other scooters in the same price range, like Razor’s E-XR.

It says up to 28mph, however we were able to get it up to 30+ in perfect / flat conditions on a clear road. We took him to the unloading areas of our building as well as to the neighboring districts, we took full advantage of it. It handles well and slows down well. It would be a great scooter when looking to cover longer distances, either between neighborhoods or across town (depending on the distance of course). You can travel a distance of up to 25 miles depending on the battery charge.

We had some scuff marks on the front wheel that appeared to be from the disc brake. We have contacted the company to see if this is a common problem or not. They were finally able to share a quick solution to this problem. The solution was not the bolts on the side with the brake, but instead you have to reach through the wheel on the other side to another bolt that is on the other side of the brake system to add a little more space between the pad and the disc. It seemed to do the job. You can see this bolt in the image above, surrounded by a piece of red metal. A delicate little guy that your eyes might miss playing with everything.

Evercross H5 Electric Scooter - Accessories

It comes with all the tools you will need to work on the scooter. Everything is easy to access except for the bolt mentioned above which you need to access through the wheel on the other side, as the wheel itself blocks a lot of your access (which can get a bit delicate). Everything else is simple and easily accessible.

Our conclusion

In the end, we ended up really liking this scooter and thought it was a great comparison to something like (again) Razor’s E-XR, only with a seat. We could throw in a few more comparisons, but that really clarifies the point based on all the models we’ve played with from various companies.

Ideal for long distances and those looking for a lot of speed. The quality of the materials and everything in between is fantastic. The only problem we encountered was the scratch issue, but luckily we were able to get rid of it with a tweak. It would easily get a score of 9/10 if we somehow knew our experience with this needed fix was isolated.

We wish we had an E-XR to put side-by-side with this one to see which one would win in a 1 / 8th mile race on level ground.

Our assessment

8 / ten stars

Average price *

$ 599.99

* Average price is based on the publication time of this article

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  • Motor power: 48V, 800W
  • Batteries: lithium-ion 48V 10Ah
  • Max. Speed: 45 km / h (28 mph)
  • Max. Range: 40 km (25 miles)
  • Max. Climbing approx. 14%
  • Max. Load: 200 kg (440 lb)
  • Item Weight: 52 lbs (23.6 kg)
  • Wheels: 10 “pneumatic tires
  • Charging time: 4-7 hours
  • Controller: 42 V to 54.6 V sine wave, output power limited to 21 A
  • Lights: LED front light, rear brake light
  • Brake: Mechanical disc brake, stop brake
  • Shock Absorbers: Front and Rear Dual Spring Shocks
  • LED display: key and measuring function

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