Essential Women-Owned Restaurants in Los Angeles: Places to Support Now

Women’s History Month is upon us, a reminder that generations of women before us had to work extremely hard for the basic rights automatically granted to their male counterparts – from the right to vote to the right to open a bank account without a husband (no kidding). Yes, times have changed, but it’s no secret that women still face additional hurdles when it comes to navigating society.

This is especially true for women in the food and beverage industry.According to the US Department of Labor, less than 20% of working chefs identify as women, despite making up more than half of culinary graduates. When it comes to leadership positions, the numbers are even more dire, with women making up just 7% of chefs and restaurateurs across America. As an industry, food and beverage presents additional challenges for mothers who often work outside normal childcare hours and lack standard benefits such as paid time off and insurance. disease. And yet, more and more women in the Los Angeles restaurant scene are successfully overcoming these obstacles, bringing unique food concepts to diners and also facilitating the collaboration of a new generation of female chefs and restaurateurs.

Last year, the new women-led nonprofit About his food (Re:HER) launched a 10-day festival celebrating the city’s women-owned restaurants with special menus (takeout only at the time), chef collaborations and virtual events, as well as a program ongoing grants in partnership with DoorDash which provided cash grants of $10,000 to 15 restaurant owners in need. Fast-forward a year and Re:HER now has 350 members, with a mix of restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers and purveyors of everything from coffee to cupcakes. The organization has just launched its first IRL 10 day festival (March 4-13), featuring special menus, collaborations, discounts, offers and pop-ups at over 60 locations across the city.

Use Re:HER fest not just as an excuse to try out some new spots, but to show your support for businesses run by hardworking women in need. And then, when Women’s History Month is in the rearview mirror, keep supporting their database of female-owned restaurants near you. To start, here are 30 female-owned restaurants in the city to visit next.

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