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BANGKOK – Some families living in the jungle may be afraid that things will move at night, but for a household in Thailand, the sight of an elephant rummaging in their kitchen came as no total shock.

“It’s come to cook again,” Kittichai Boodchan wrote sarcastically in a caption of a Facebook video he shot this weekend of an elephant sneaking into his kitchen.

Likely driven by midnight cravings, the massive animal pokes its head into Kittichai’s kitchen in the early hours of Sunday, using its trunk to find food.

At one point, he picks up a plastic bag of liquid, briefly examines it, then puts it in his mouth – before the video cuts off.

Kittichai and his wife live near a national park in western Thailand, by a lake where wild elephants often bathe while roaming the jungle.

He was not disturbed by the mammoth, recognizing it as a frequent visitor as it often wanders the houses in its village where it eats, leaves and returns to the jungle.

The elephant had actually destroyed his kitchen wall in May, he said, creating an outdoor kitchen concept reminiscent of a window driveway.

This weekend, his only task was to find food.

Kittichai said a general rule of thumb for dealing with unwanted visitors crashing is not to feed them.

“When he has no food, he leaves on his own,” he told AFP. “I’m already used to this coming, so I wasn’t that worried.”

Wild elephants are commonplace in national parks in and around Thailand, with farmers sometimes reporting incidents where their fruit and corn crops have been eaten by a starving herd.

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