Danish chef Henrik Jyrk with an exclusive Nordic-Asian Christmas menu at Mount Faber Park

Award-winning Danish chef Henrik Jyrk presents an exclusive Nordic-Asian Christmas menu at Mount Faber in Singapore. Photo: Yahoo! Life

Award-winning Danish chef Henrik Jyrk presents a once-in-a-lifetime Nordic dining experience centered around the chef’s Nordic-Asian cuisine amid panoramic views of Mount Faber Peak, according to tech outlet Yahoo!life

Chef Henrik is a big player in the culinary scene in Copenhagen. He has presented the Danish edition of MasterChef as a guest judge twice, has worked at world-renowned restaurants such as the Michelin-starred Atelier Crenn, and has won several cooking competitions, including the largest in Denmark “Sol over Gudhjem” in 2016 and 2017.

This is Chef Henrik’s first-ever overseas culinary showcase, and he’s brought a four-man culinary team from Denmark, including the two-Michelin-star alchemist’s front desk manager, Martin Wulffeld, while collaborating with local ceramic artist, Ng Yang Ce, creating a line of ceramic tableware specifically for the Christmas menu.

The menu includes an organic farm-raised prime rib – Økologisk Tværræb – and a mix of tangy umeboshi enhanced with black label caviar from Danish producer Rossini. Yahoo!life is also highlighting the course Kartofler og Kaviar, a clam salad made with slow-cooked buttered candied potatoes and kombu topped with steamed clams, oscietra caviar, salted herbs and mousse of sansho pebbles.

Dinner will be available at Dusk Restaurant & Bar from December 3-11, 2022 and will include an exclusive 6-course chef’s menu priced at S$198 pr. the person. A wine pairing option is available at S$98 for a standard and S$168 for a premium.

Two additional dinner menus will be available at Dusk Restaurant and Bar from December 12, 2022 to March 31, 2023. The first menu is a four-course Nordic Asian menu that will include makrel – tender fish in clam dashi, andesteg – roast duck and rødgrød med fløde – a berry compote dessert.

The second menu is a 60-minute dinner titled “Nordic Dining in the Skies” allowing guests to dine in a private cable car while traveling from Mount Faber Peak to Sentosa Island and back. On the menu, koldrøget laks – smoked salmon from Denmark, andeconfitering – vacuum-packed duck leg, and pandestegte kammuslinger – pan-fried scallops in brown butter.

For reservations, go to: https://www.mountfaberleisure.com/festive-dining-at-mount-faber-peak/

Source: https://sg.style.yahoo.com/award-winning-chef-henrik-jyrk-050005319.html

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