Coweta business owner could move operations after city enforces ordinance

A Coweta business owner said a dispute over the operation of a food truck outside her store could cause her to move to another town.

Shelby Brewster started a tie-dyeing business in Coweta three years ago in a building owned by her parents. She added a food truck outside, but can no longer after being told it is against city ordinances to do business in a public parking lot.

“It just stinks because we want to be here, we love being here,” Brewster said.

The truck moved to Broken Arrow, to a private parking lot. It would also work in Coweta – but Brewster’s storefront doesn’t have parking.

City manager Roger Kolman said the truck took up a spot along the busy trunk road which also serves as the main street in Coweta.

“It’s mainly related to public safety and especially in cities adjacent to national highways, our parking situation is very valuable and if you fill them with people doing business, it takes away from available parking,” said Kolman.

Brewster says the tie-dye business is doing well, but the food truck’s success she says depends on how close it is — so she’s considering closing both businesses and moving out of town.

“We will make it work, honestly we will probably move. It’s been a wonderful three years, but we want to try to find a place where we can use both companies together.

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