Chef Joya’s Favorite Fantasia Taylor Vegan Vacation Recipe


Turn up the volume on Fantasia Taylor’s Christmas after midnight album while you cook her favorite vegan holiday meal because we have her all-time favorite vegan Christmas recipe shared exclusively with Beet of his personal boss.

The old one American Idol winner first switched to a plant-based diet well over a year ago for health purposes and told her 4.5 million @tasiaword followers about her new vegan diet in a video of her vegan cuisine with the caption: “A healthy life IS HOUR !!!!”

Since then, the superstar has continued to stay true to her commitment, posting all kinds of delicious vegan meals on her Instagram page you’ll find everything from dairy-free mac and cheese to apple crumble.

Fantasia admitted in an IG article that the vegan food is some of the best she’s ever eaten – we’re looking at you, Chef Joya – who is Fantasia’s vegan chef.

Chief Joya might be the secret to Fantasia’s plant success, but one thing we’re sure is that she’s got the secrets to the sauce – and the whole recipe for what Fantasia and her husband Kendall Taylor both love. eat if their Instagram posts are any indication.

Fantasia always brags about her delicious vegan food for the soul and shares how much she loves to eat whatever Joya does. In her News Feed, Chef Joya shares how much she enjoys cooking for the superstar and her husband Kendall Taylor. They worked together to create elaborate vegan menus for special occasions such as their Valentine’s Day dinner, her vegan birthday party, and just before their daughter’s birth last May, a special vegan baby shower to mark the day. imminent arrival of baby Monique, for the couple’s friends and family.

For the inside scoop on Fantasia’s latest vegan favorites, her next vacation meals, and more, Beet spoke to Chef Joya, who gave us an overview of the behind-the-scenes shots and shared what Fantasia’s most beloved dishes are, including what she plans to cook for the next vacation.

The Beet: When and how did you meet Fantasia?

Chief Joya: It was October of last year when I got a DM from someone regarding personal cooking but thought it was spam so I didn’t open it. The next day I got another message, but this time they included Fantasia’s name, so I told this person to call me, and she did. It was Fantasia’s personal assistant who explained to me that she found my IG thanks to one of the Fantasia background singers who has been following me for years because she loves the look of my food. The following week I cooked for Fantasia on a trial basis and she loved my food.

Beetroot: What was the first meal you prepared for Fantasia?

Chief Joya: I made my Not Yo Mama meatloaf, which is still one of Fantasia’s favorite dishes.

Beetroot: What are Fantasia’s favorite vegan dishes?

Chief Joya: Well she really loves meatloaf but she also loves my vegan pork chops, my macaroni and cheese, my crab cakes and my spinach and artichoke “chicken”. What I really love about Fantasia is that she trusts me to do whatever I want to do for her. She loves soul food so I cook a lot of it, but I also like a change, so sometimes I cook Caribbean food or Asian food, but if I serve something healthy she normally tells me “Ooooh … nahhh. “

Beetroot: What does Fantasia eat in a day?

Chief Joya: Well, at the moment there have been dietary changes, Fanstia follows a strict vegan diet, but normally I would make some kind of breakfast with greens and change the type of cuisine, be it soul food or Caribbean, for lunch and dinner I would make some of her favorite dishes like macaroni and cheese, crab cakes or meatloaf. I like to change it because I don’t want people to be bored. I have to say she loves broccoli and her greens.

The Beet: What are you doing Fantasia for the holidays?

Chief Joya: Well like I said she is going through dietary changes right now so anything can change. But, what I would like the plan is meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, rice pilau, greens and veg, roast broccoli and asparagus because she really loves her greens and veggies.

The Beet: What Does Fantasia’s Husband Kendall Taylor Like To Eat?

Chief Joya: They eat all the same vegan stuff that I cook, but Kendall isn’t a stew or soup person while Fantisa loves soups and stews.

Beetroot: What is their favorite vegan dessert?

Chief Joya: They love my peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream.

Beetroot: Do you have any advice for aspiring plant-based cooks or anyone looking to improve their cooking skills?

Chief Joya: Hear what people want, recreate those things people love. You have to understand the flavors and learn the techniques. Whether someone eats vegan for animals, health, or the planet, we all love one thing in common – great food.


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